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What changed in 2.0.0
*Format the microSD card
**To format, head to System Settings > System > Initialize > Format microSD Card
==System Titles==
* Every system module was updated.
** The [[creport]] system module (0100000000000036) was added.
* Every system applet was updated.
* Every 01000000000008XX title was updated except for:
** 0100000000000805(CHN/KOR dictionary), 0100000000000808("European, English and Japanese dictionaries"), 010000000000080A(Chara?), and 010000000000080C(EULA).
* The following 01000000000008XX titles were added:
** 0100000000000800(SSL trusted certs), 0100000000000807(Hotspot List), 010000000000081E(Dummy file), 010000000000081F(Icosa system config), 0100000000000820(Copper system config), 0100000000000821(Hoag system config),
* The System Application "flog" (01008BB00013C000) was added.

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