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The secure monitor provides two top level handlers of which each provides a range of sub handlers.
Secure Monitor Calls follow the ARM SMC calling conventionup to a small change:
{| class=wikitable
! Bit number || Bit mask || Description
| 23-16 || 0x00FF0000 || Must be zero.
| 15-8 || 0x0000FF00 || Argument type. This is different from the ARM SMC calling convention.|-| 7-0 || 0x0000FFFF 0x000000FF || Function number within the range call type.
If bit ''n'' is set in the argument type then parameter X''n'' is treated as a pointer and the kernel will setup address translation for it in [[SVC#svcCallSecureMonitor|svcCallSecureMonitor]].
== Id 0 ==


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