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* <nowiki></nowiki>
* <nowiki></nowiki> Returns content like the below URL. This is the content for [[NCA]]-type0. See below for %c. %016llx is titleID, %u is title-version.
* <nowiki></nowiki> Used for downloading content. First %s is atumn or atum. %c is one of: 'c', 'a', or 's'. %s is just the hex-string NcaId. The returned data is the same size readable from [[Content_Manager_services|NCM]], with another crypto layer. The server also returns two HTTP headers: "X-Nintendo-Content-Hash: {entire lowercase hex-string of the content SHA256 hash}" and "X-Nintendo-Content-ID: {lowercase hex-string for NcaId}"
* <nowiki></nowiki> %016llx is titleID, only for eShop titles it appears. Returns .json title-info.
* <nowiki></nowiki> %016llx is titleID, only for eShop titles it appears. Output is similar to above URL.
These are not accessible without the required TLS client cert+privk, minus the time URL which can be accessed without any client cert+privk at all.
The returned content data from CDN, for both system-titles and eShop-titles, is identical to the data readable by [[Content_Manager_services#ReadEntryRaw]].
While atumn seems to be for system-titles, and atum for eShop titles, the latter titles are accessible fine with atumn(with "/t/" for NCA-type0 at least).

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