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This also affects launching the WifiWebAuthApplet on pre-v3.0. Error 2110-3400 is thrown while eShop is loading, with the conntest domain setup to trigger the web-applet(originally launching eShop could be used for triggering the WifiWebAuthApplet). When attempting to connect to wifi from System Settings on versions >=v2.1(?), it will display the "Registration required ..." message then display a separate sysupdate-required message(different from the error message) before the web portal. With the dauth [[Domains|domain]] blocked, eShop has the same failure, however System Settings will launch the web-applet after it displays the "Registration required ..." message when connecting to wifi.
Hence, all web-applets except for webauth anything Nintendo-account related is rendered unusable on <v3.0 are rendered unusable for . Web-applets not using your own customNintendo-contentaccounts still work fine.

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