How to update to 3.0.0

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Why update to 3.0.0

Update to 3.0.0 if you want to use nx-hbl.


An original game card of Pokkén Tournament DX (With a Game card serial ending with 000).
This is because a revision of this game exists with 3.0.1 console update instead of 3.0.0.


You need to disconnect your Switch from the internet and be sure there are no pre-installed (cached) updates; and then install the 3.0.0 update from the game.

  • Fist step (Disconnect the Switch from the internet):
    1. Go to System Settings.
    2. Find and enable Airplane Mode.
  • Second step (Remove all cached updates):
    1. Power off your Switch then Power on it by pressing this combo: (Power) + (Volume Up) + (Volume Down).
    2. Do nothing here, entering this menu will delete update data, now we just have to leave.
    3. Power off your Switch by pressing Power button.
  • Third step (Update the Switch to 3.0.0)
    Insert and try to launch the game, then accept update when it's prompted.
  • Last step (Disable Airplane Mode)


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