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Tickets are a format used to store an encrypted title key. The format has been updated again since 3DS.


Offset Size Description
0x000 Y Signature data
Y 0x2C0 Ticket data

Y denotes the total size of the "signature data" section and depends on the signature type.

Signature data

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Signature type
0x4 X Signature
0x4 + X Padding to align the signature data to 0x40 bytes

Signature type

Value Signature method Signature size Padding size
0x010000 RSA_4096 SHA1 0x200 0x3C
0x010001 RSA_2048 SHA1 0x100 0x3C
0x010002 ECDSA SHA1 0x3C 0x40
0x010003 RSA_4096 SHA256 0x200 0x3C
0x010004 RSA_2048 SHA256 0x100 0x3C
0x010005 ECDSA SHA256 0x3C 0x40

The hash for the signature is calculated over the ticket data.

Ticket data

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x40 Issuer
0x40 0x100 Title key block
0x140 0x1 Unknown
0x141 0x1 Title key type
0x142 0x3 Unknown
0x145 0x1 Master key revision
0x146 0xA Unknown
0x150 0x8 Ticket ID
0x158 0x8 Device ID
0x160 0x10 Rights ID
0x170 0x4 Account ID
0x174 0xC Unknown
0x180 0x140 Unknown

The title key can be stored as a 16-byte block when tickets are "common" [2.0.0+] with title key type 0, or as a "personalized" RSA-2048 message when title key type is 1. The latter is used for titles requiring stronger licensing (applications, add-on content), while the former (old) method is used for patches.

When RSA is used, this uses an SPL key handle that is initialized with the console-unique RSA-2048 ticket key.

Certificate chain

Certificate Signature type Retail cert name Debug cert name Description
Ticket RSA-2048 XS00000021 ? Used to verify ticket signatures using RSA title key block ("personalized" tickets)
Ticket RSA-2048 XS00000020 ? Used to verify ticket signatures using AES title key block
CA RSA-4096 CA00000003 CA00000004 Used to verify the ticket certificate

The CA certificate is issued by 'Root', the public key for which is stored in ES.