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TMA (Target Manager Agent) acts as a debugging sysmodule for development kits. This system module is loaded in retail units, but remains unused.

These services are inaccessible on retail units. However, all System Applets have permission to access them (see NPDM#Service_Access_Control).

TMA makes a few sets of services available. One set (the "htc" family), is aimed around managing Host/Target Connections. "htc" allows orchestrating the switch<->pc connection, "htc:tenv" allows retrieving information about the target's environment from the host, and "htcs" provides an interface for managing sockets on PC from the Switch. htcs is used primarily to host services on PC ports with actual management code running on Switch. The other service ("file_io") manages HostIO, a mechanism by which the Switch can read files present on the Host PC. When a host is connected, FS will attempt to read data via file_io when @Host:/ content paths are used, or when fsp-srv->OpenHostFileSystem() is used to open an IFileSystem to the Host PC. Nintendo's implementation only supports Windows, and FS will explicitly check for the presence of a "C:/" drive to detect this.


This is "nn::tma::IHtcManager".

Cmd Name
0 GetEnvironmentVariable
1 GetEnvironmentVariableLength
2 BindHostConnectionEvent
3 BindHostDisconnectionEvent
4 BindHostConnectionEventForSystem
5 BindHostDisconnectionEventForSystem
6 [3.0.0+] GetBridgeIpAddress
7 [3.0.0+] GetBridgePort
8 [3.0.0+] SetUsbDetachedForDebug
9 [4.0.0+] GetBridgeSubnetMask
10 [4.0.0+] GetBridgeMacAddress
11 [6.0.0+] GetWorkingDirectoryPath
12 [6.0.0+] GetWorkingDirectoryPathSize
13 [6.0.0+] RunOnHost


This is "nn::tma::IHtcsManager".

Cmd Name
0 Socket
1 Close
2 Connect
3 Bind
4 Listen
5 Accept
6 Recv
7 Send
8 Shutdown
9 Fcntl
10 GetPeerNameAny
11 GetDefaultHostName
12 CreateSocketOld
13 CreateSocket
100 RegisterProcessId
101 MonitorManager


This is "nn::tma::ISocket".

Cmd Name
0 Close
1 Connect
2 Bind
3 Listen
4 Accept
5 Recv
6 Send
7 Shutdown
8 Fcntl


This is "nn::htc::tenv::IServiceManager".

Cmd Name
0 GetServiceInterface


This is "nn::htc::tenv::IService".

Cmd Name
0 GetVariable
1 GetVariableLength
2 WaitUntilVariableAvailable


This is "nn::tma::IFileManager".

This service is not normally present on retail units.

Cmd Name Notes
0 OpenFile returns an #IFileAccessor
1 FileExists
2 DeleteFile
3 RenameFile
4 GetIOType
5 OpenDirectory returns an #IDirectoryAccessor
6 DirectoryExists
7 CreateDirectory
8 DeleteDirectory
9 RenameDirectory
10 CreateFile
11 GetFileTimeStamp
12 GetCaseSensitivePath


This is "nn::tma::IFileAccessor".

Cmd Name
0 ReadFile
1 WriteFile
2 GetFileSize
3 SetFileSize
4 FlushFile
5 SetPriorityForFile
6 GetPriorityForFile


This is "nn::tma::IDirectoryAccessor".

Cmd Name
0 GetEntryCount
1 ReadDirectory
2 SetPriorityForDirectory
3 GetPriorityForDirectory