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The FS for the system-version title(TID 0100000000000809) contains "/file":

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x1 Major
0x1 0x1 Minor
0x2 0x1 Micro
0x3 0x1 Unknown/Build?
0x4 0x1 Revision Number
0x5 0x3 Normally all-zero. Padding?
0x8 0x20 Platform string ("NX" with zeros afterwards)
0x28 0x40 Hex ASCII string. 0x28-bytes(not including NUL-terminator) normally with zeros afterwards. The value of this string differs from 2.0.0 and 2.1.0.
0x68 0x18 System-version in string form with zeros afterwards. For example: "2.1.0"
0x80 0x80 ASCII string with zeros / padding afterwards. For example: "NintendoSDK Firmware for NX 2.0.0-15"

Known Versions

Firmware Version String Hex ASCII String
1.0.0 NintendoSDK Firmware for NX 1.0.0-15 84b8da475a02261c456e6472b403b31416480165
2.0.0 NintendoSDK Firmware for NX 2.0.0-15 25233e518f580062b41f45fae7ce56bff261094a
2.1.0 NintendoSDK Firmware for NX 2.1.0-0 e548f82b0aaff5fd18cfd80e7b9bd9808eeb7c99
2.2.0 NintendoSDK Firmware for NX 2.2.0-1 c83b637205048e61e73c870f21271cc3c6364396
2.3.0 NintendoSDK Firmware for NX 2.3.0-0 3ed3bbc8885b6362f4f244dcecd2b430fa27310e
3.0.0 NintendoSDK Firmware for NX 3.0.0-10.0 7fbde2b0bba4d14107bf836e4643043d9f6c8e47