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[[Link title]]The 3.0.0 system update was released on June 19, 2017. This update was released for all regions.
Security flaws fixed: yes.
* Improvements to prevent unintended HDMI input change with certain TVs while the console is docked in Sleep Mode
==System Titles==
It's unknown exactly what * Every system module was updated.* Every system applet was updated.* Every 01000000000008XX title was updated except for:** 0100000000000805(CHN/KOR dictionary), 0100000000000808("European, English and Japanese dictionaries"), 010000000000080C(EULA), and 010000000000080D(Blacklist-URL). Two new system modules were added, "ro" and "sdb". Two new system-data titles were [[Title_list|added]]: 0100000000000822 and 0100000000000823. === FIRM ===All FIRM-package titles were updated, as listed above. 819: Kernel was updated. All firm-sysmodules were updated. These also includes the updated rtld.
=== [[NS_Services|NS]]-sysmodule ===
NS-sysmodule was updated, this fixed a vuln in multiple [[Switch_System_Flaws|cmds]].
== Rtld ==
All processes built for 3.0.0 now include an updated rtld.
The bootloader [[BCT#bootloader0_info|version]] was changed from 1 to 2, this was the first time it was changed.
New keydata was introduced for NCA content, see [[NCA_Format|here]].
Prior to v3.0, with the atumn and sun [[domains]] blocked, the system could be used with online services on non-latest system-versions fine. As of roughly the day following the release of v3.0 however, the system being on >=v3.0 is now enforced via an account-related [[Domains|domain]]. This affects everything using Nintendo-accounts, regardless of whether the current user has one linked or not.
This also affects launching the WifiWebAuthApplet via eShop on pre-v3.0. Error 2110-3400 is thrown while eShop is loading, with the conntest domain setup to trigger the web-applet(originally launching eShop could be used for triggering the WifiWebAuthApplet). When attempting to connect to wifi from System Settings on versions >=v2.1(?), it will display the "Registration required ..." message then display a separate sysupdate-required message(different from the error message) before the web portal. With the dauth [[Domains|domain]] blocked, eShop has the same failure, however System Settings will still launch the web-applet after it displays the "Registration required ..." message when connecting to wifi. Hence, all web-applets for anything Nintendo-account related is rendered unusable on <v3.0. Web-applets not using Nintendo-accounts still work fine. {{NavboxVersions}}