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== Cmd1 ==
Begins video stream. Can only This must not be called used more than once, even from a different service session: otherwise the sysmodule will assert.
== Cmd2 ==
Retrieves stream data, from the video datarecording being done of the currently running game title. Takes u32 "stream" (0: video, 1: audio), returns u32 (num_frames?), u32 data_size, u64 (start_timestamp?). Video stream writes H.264 NAL units to the output buffer (try <code>ffplay -f h264</code>). Audio stream is PCM16, 2 channels, and sample-rate = 48000Hz. Official code uses buffer size 0x32000 for video, 0x1000 for audio, and multiple threads to read out both streams at the same time. This will block until data is available. This will hang if there is no game title running which has video capture enabled.
= IOffscreenRecorder =
== SetAlbumShimLibraryVersion ==
Takes a total of 8-bytes of an inputu64 [[Capture_services#ShimLibraryVersion|ShimLibraryVersion]], no output.
== OpenOffscreenLayer ==