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714 bytes added ,  15:20, 12 May 2021
==System Titles==
The following was updated: [[System_Version_Title|SystemVersion]], [[Bluetooth_Driver_services|bluetooth]], [[PGL_services|pgl]], BootImagePackages.
All files in RomFS were updated.
====Secure Monitor====
* GetConfig was updated to reflect new number of burnt fuses.
* Warmboot magic was updated to 0x1EF.
* Package2 versions were changed from 0xF/0x10 to 0x10/0x11.
* Magic was updated to 0x1EF.
====FIRM Sysmodules====
Boot, Loader, and SM were updated. Specific diffs available below:
tipc autogen was updated, asm for buffer serialization is different now.
Anti-downgrade list was updated.
ChargerDriver::Initialize now sets PINMUX_AUX_CAM_FLASH_EN_0.tristate = PASSTHROUGH. This is the only change.
tipc autogen was updated (same as sm).

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