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Cmd Name
0 GetLanguageCode
1 SetLanguageCode



Cmd Name
14 GetDeviceCert
15 GetDeviceCert2
16 GetTLSClientPrivk
17 GetTLSClientCert

Used for accessing data calibrated at the factory. Probably only for console-unique data?(Everything read so far has been console-unique)


Takes a type-0x16 output buffer with fixed size 0x180.

Returns the DeviceCert. This is identical to 3DS DeviceCert/CTCert besides the strings. NIM loads the DeviceId from this.


Takes a type-0x16 output buffer with fixed size 0x240.

Same as GetDeviceCert, except this returns more data and the data starts differing at offset 0x108 compared to GetDeviceCert.


Takes a type-0x16 output buffer with fixed size 0x134.

Returns a container-structure for the encrypted TLS client-privk. Decrypting this fails unless an unknown size >0x134 is passed to this setcal cmd?

Used by SSL-sysmodule, see here.


Takes a type-0x16 output buffer with fixed size 0x804.

Returns a container-structure for the plaintext TLS client-cert.

Used by SSL-sysmodule, see here.

setcal Container Structure

Offset Size Name
0x0 0x4 Size (same size used for decryption if needed)
0x4 {above size} Actual data starts here.


Cmd Name
3 GetSystemVersion
37 QuerySetting
38 ReadSetting
56 GetWirelessCertification
68 GetSerialNumber

Official user-processes get a new service session handle each time a set:sys cmd is used, with the session being closed aftewards.


Takes two type-0x19 input buffers and a type-0x6 output buffer. Returns an output u64 for the actual size written to the outbuf.

The outbuf_size is compared with the config_size. When config_size is larger than outbuf_size, outbuf_size is used for the memcpy, otherwise config_size is used. Afterwards the size used for the memcpy is written to output(see above).


Takes a type-0x1A output buffer. User-processes use hard-coded size 0x100.

If needed, reads the content of the System_Version_Title "/file" into state. This is only done once.

Then the above 0x100-byte data is copied to the output buffer.


Returns the 0x18-byte SerialNumber string.