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Just like the 3DS/N3DS, the Switch exposes an API which communicates with certain services. Services are system processes running in the background which wait for incoming requests. When a process wants to communicate with a service, it first needs to get a handle to the named service, and then it can communicate with the service via inter-process communication (each service has a name up to 8 characters).

Handles for services are retrieved from the service manager port, "sm:". Services are an abstraction of ports, they operate the same way except regular ports can have their handles retrieved directly from a SVC.

List of services (non-exhaustive):

Service names Description Notes
acc:u1 Account services u1: for user 1?
appletAE Applet Accessor services
aoc:u AddOn Content services
audren:u Audio Renderer services
audout:u Audio Out services
bsd:u, bsd:s Sockets services
caps:a, caps:c, caps:ss Capture services a: Album, ss: Screenshot
fatal:u Fatal Error services
fsp-srv Filesystem services
hid, hid:dbg, hid:sys HID services
ldn:m Local Network Monitor services
ldr:ro RO services
ldr:shel Loader services
lm Log services
lr ?
erpt:c ERPT(?) services
mii:u, mii:e Mii services
mm:u NvMM services
nifm:u, nifm:a, nifm:s Network Interface services u: User, a: Applet, s: System
nim:shp NIM services shp: eShop
ns:am, ns:su, ns:dev NS Services am: Applet Manager?
nsd:u, nsd:a NSD services
nvmemp NVIDIA Memory Profiling services
nvdrv:a NV services
ovln:rcv, ovln:snd Overlay Notification services
pdm:ntfy, pdm:qry Play Log services
pl:u Shared Font services
pm:bm, pm:shell Process Manager services
prepo:u, prepo:s, prepo:m, prepo:a Prepo(?) services
set, set:sys Settings services sys: System settings
sfdnsres DNS resolver services
ssl SSL services
time:u, time:a, time:s Time services
vi:m, vi:s, vi:u VI (Camera?) services