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System calls

Id Name In Out
0x1 svcSetupHeap X1=size W0=result, X1=outaddr
0x2 svcProtectMemory X0=addr, X1=size, W2=prot W0=result
0x3 svcSetMemoryState X0=addr, X1=size, W2=state0, W3=state1 W0=result
0x4 svcMirrorStack X0=dstaddr, X1=srcaddr, X2=size W0=result
0x5 svcUnmirrorStack X0=dstaddr, X1=srcaddr, X2=size W0=result
0x6 svcQueryMemory X0=meminfo_ptr, X2=addr W0=result, W1=pageinfo
0x7 svcExitProcess None
0x8 svcCreateThread
0x9 svcStartThread W0=thread_handle
0xA svcExitThread None
0xB svcSleepThread X0=nano
0xC svcGetThreadPriority W1=thread_handle W0=result, W1=prio
0xD svcSetThreadPriority W0=thread_handle, W1=prio W0=result
0xE svcGetThreadAffinityMask W2=thread_handle W0=result, W1=out, X2=out
0xF svcSetThreadAffinityMask W0=thread_handle, W1=in, X2=in2 W0=result
0x10 svcGetCurrentProcessorNumber None W0/X0=cpuid
0x11 svcGetMemoryBlockSomethingA? W0=handle ?
0x12 svcGetMemoryBlockSomethingB? W0=handle ?
0x13 svcMapMemoryBlock W0=memblk_handle, X1=addr, X2=size, W3=perm W0=result
0x14 svcUnmapMemoryBlock W0=memblk_handle, X1=addr, X2=size W0=result
0x15 svcCreateMemoryMirror X1=addr, X2=size, W3=perm W0=result, W1=handle
0x16 svcCloseHandle W0=handle W0=result
0x17 ? ? ?
0x18 svcWaitSynchronizationN X1=handles_ptr, X2=num_handles. X3=timeout W1=out
0x19 ? W0=handle? ?
0x1A svcLockMutex W0=old_val, X1=ptr, W2=new_val ?
0x1B svcUnlockMutex X0=ptr ?
0x1C ? X0=ptr0, X1=ptr, W2=tag, X3=timeout W0=result
0x1D svcArbitrateAddress? X0=ptr, W1=value W0=result
0x1F svcConnectToPort X1=port_name_str W0=result, W1=handle
.... ? ? ?
0x21 svcSendSyncRequest X0=handle W0=result
0x22 svcSendSyncRequestByBuf X0=cmdbufptr, X1=size, X2=handle W0=result
.... ? ? ?
0x25 svcGetThreadId W0=thread_handle W0=result, X1=out
0x26 ??? ? ?
0x27 svcOutputDebugString
0x28 svcPanic X0=error?
0x29 svcGetHandleInfo X1=info_id, X2=handle, X3=info_sub_id W0=result, X1=out
.... ? ? ?
0x40 ??? W2=?, X3=? W0=result, W1=?, W2=?
0x41 ??? X1=u32? W0=result, W1=?
.... ? ? ?
0x43 svcReplyAndReceive X1=ptr_handles, W2=num_handles, X3=?, X4=timeout W0=result, W1=handle_idx
0x44 svcReplyAndReceiveByBuf X1=buf, X2=sz, X3=ptr_handles, W4=num_handles, X5=?, X6=timeout W0=result, W1=handle_idx
0x45 ??? None W0=result, W1=?, W2=?
.... ? ? ?
0x50 svcCreateMemoryBlock W1=size?, W2=perm0, W3=perm1 W0=result, W1=handle
0x51 svcMapMemoryMirror X0=mirror_handle, X1=addr, X2=size, W3=perm W0=result
0x52 svcUnmapMemoryMirror W0=mirror_handle, X1=addr, X2=size W0=result