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This is "nn::ssl::sf::ISslService".

Cmd Name
0 #CreateContext
1 GetContextCount
2 #GetCertificates
3 #GetCertificateBufSize
4 [3.0.0+] #DebugIoctl
5 [3.0.0+] #SetInterfaceVersion
6 [5.0.0+] FlushSessionCache
7 [6.0.0+] #SetDebugOption
8 [6.0.0+] #GetDebugOption


Takes a PID, an input u32 #SslVersion, an input u64 pid_placeholder, and returns an output #ISslContext.


Takes a type-0x6 output buffer and a type-0x5 input buffer containing an array of #CaCertificateId.

[3.0.0+] This now returns an output u32 for actual total output entries.

The output buffer starts with an array of #BuiltInCertificateInfo, with the DER cert data following afterwards.


Takes a type-0x5 input buffer containing an array of #CaCertificateId, returns an output u32 for the size to use with #GetCertificates.


Stubbed on retail, just returns an error.


Takes an input u32 version, no output.

Used by user-processes during service init.


Takes an input u32 DebugOptionType and a type-0x5 input buffer, no output.

The input u32 value must be 0, and the buffer addr/size must not be 0.

The u8 at buf+0 is copied to state.


Takes an input u32 DebugOptionType and a type-0x6 output buffer.

Same as #SetDebugOption except this copies state to the buffer instead.


This is "nn::ssl::sf::ISslContext".

Cmd Name
0 SetOption
1 GetOption
2 #CreateConnection
3 GetConnectionCount
4 ImportServerPki
5 ImportClientPki
6 RemoveServerPki
7 RemoveClientPki
8 RegisterInternalPki
9 AddPolicyOid
10 [3.0.0+] ImportCrl
11 [3.0.0+] RemoveCrl


No input, returns an #ISslConnection.


This is "nn::ssl::sf::ISslConnection".

Cmd Name
0 SetSocketDescriptor
1 SetHostName
2 #SetVerifyOption
3 SetIoMode
4 GetSocketDescriptor
5 GetHostName
6 #GetVerifyOption
7 GetIoMode
8 DoHandshake
9 DoHandshakeGetServerCert
10 Read
11 Write
12 Pending
13 Peek
14 Poll
15 GetVerifyCertError
16 GetNeededServerCertBufferSize
17 SetSessionCacheMode
18 GetSessionCacheMode
19 FlushSessionCache
20 SetRenegotiationMode
21 GetRenegotiationMode
22 SetOption
23 GetOption
24 GetVerifyCertErrors
25 [4.0.0+] GetCipherInfo
26 [9.0.0+] SetNextAlpnProto
27 [9.0.0+] GetNextAlpnProto


Takes an input u32 #VerifyOption, no output.

Originally ssl-sysmodule just wrote the input field to state. With newer sysvers there's now validation for the input.


No input, returns an output u32 #VerifyOption.


This is the "nn::ssl::sf::SslVersion" enum.


Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 #CaCertificateId
0x4 0x4 #BuiltinDataStatus
0x8 0x8 Data size
0x10 0x8 Data offset

This is the struct returned by #GetCertificates. Official sw converts this to "nn::ssl::BuiltInManager::BuiltInCertificateInfo" with offset converted to a ptr.


Value Description
-1 Invalid
1 Valid

This is the "nn::ssl::detail::BuiltinDataInfo::BuiltinDataStatus" enum.


Value Description
1 Nintendo {...}
2 Nintendo {...}

This is the "nn::ssl::CaCertificateId" enum.


This is the "nn::ssl::sf::VerifyOption" enum.


This is the CertStore title, which contains the following files in RomFS:

  • "/ssl_CaFingerprints.bdf"
  • "/ssl_Crl.bdf"
  • "/ssl_TrustedCerts.bdf"

On old system-versions, this only contains "/ssl_TrustedCerts.tcf", which seems to have the same format described below.

These have the following structure:

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Magic "sslT"
0x4 0x4 Total entries
0x8 0x10*{total entries} Array entries

Array entry structure:

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 ID
0x4 0x4 ?
0x8 0x8 Data size
0x10 0x8 Data offset

Data offset is relative to absolute offset 0x8.

Client cert+privk

SSL-sysmodule uses set:cal GetSslKey and GetSslCert. The rest of this section documents handling for the former, which can be decrypted with SPL.

key* below refers to the 3 0x10-byte input blocks passed to this code.

When actual_size is:

  • 0x100+0x10: If the u32 actual_size is less than (u32)-0x11, and the last 0x10-bytes of the actual-data are all-zero, the data is copied to the output as raw plaintext. If a non-zero byte is found, it will continue with SPL usage, skipping over the SPL block for the devunit flag. In this case, key=key0 and the flag passed to SPL later is set to 0.
  • 0x100+0x30: Size must match this if it's not the above, otherwise error 0xC81A is returned. The flag passed to SPL later is set to 1 in this case. Runs the devunit-flag-block: uses SPL_services#SPL#GetDevunitFlag. key = key1 when out_flag!=0, key2 otherwise.