SPL services

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Cmd Name Notes
1 Unknown marshalling.
2 #ScrambleKeyA
3 Always returns 0x2D1A?
4 #ScrambleKeyB
5 Always returns 0x41A?
11 #GetDevunitFlag


Takes input word, and returns u64.

  • Input val8: 64bit DeviceId with byte7 clear. Output from this when used by NIM must match the set:cal DeviceId with byte7 cleared, otherwise NIM will panic.


Takes 16-bytes as input and two u32s. Outputs random-looking 16-bytes.

Same input gives same output. Console unique.


Behaves similar to #ScrambleKeyA, but with different output.

Also console unique. This is not the inverse operation of #ScrambleKeyA.


No input params.

Returns an u8 flag for whether the system is devunit it seems. Output flag is 0 on retail.


This command hasn't been used successfully so far, throws the same SPL error all the time(besides IPC fail that's not SPL specific).

Last SPL cmd used by SSL-sysmodule for TLS client-privk.