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| 0xC3000011 || SetKeyslotFromZ || ||
| 0xC3000011 || SetKeyslotFromZ || ||
| 0xC3000012 || [2.0.0]+ KeygenAndSealZ || ||
| 0xC3000012 || [2.0.0+] KeygenAndSealZ || ||

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Secure Monitor Calls

The secure monitor provides two top level handlers of which each provides a range of sub handlers.

Secure Monitor Calls follow the ARM SMC calling convention up to a small change:

Bit number Bit mask Description
31 0x80000000 Set to 0 means Yielding Call; Set to 1 means Fast Call.
30 0x40000000 Set to 0 means SMC32 convention; Set to 1 means SMC64.
29-24 0x3F000000 Service Call ranges.
23-16 0x00FF0000 Must be zero.
15-8 0x0000FF00 Argument type. This is different from the ARM SMC calling convention.
7-0 0x000000FF Function number within the range call type.

If bit n is set in the argument type then parameter Xn is treated as a pointer and the kernel will setup address translation for it in svcCallSecureMonitor.

Id 0

Functions exposed to user-mode processes using svcCallSecureMonitor.

Sub-Id Name In Out
0xC3000401 SetConfig
0xC3000002 GetConfig (Same as Id 1 Sub-Id 4.)
0xC3000003 CheckStatus_5_9_F_10
0xC3000404 GetResult_5_9_F_10
0xC3000E05 ExpMod
0xC3000006 PrngX931 (Same as Id 1 Sub-Id 5.)
0xC3000007 KeygenAndSealX
0xC3000008 SetKeyslotFromXY
0xC3000009 SymmetricCrypto
0xC300000A KeygenA
0xC300040B CMAC
0xC300100C ImportParamsFor10WithXY
0xC300100D DecryptExpModParamsWithXY
0xC300100E ImportParamsForFWithXY
0xC300060F ExpMod
0xC3000610 ExpModAndKeygenAndSealZ
0xC3000011 SetKeyslotFromZ
0xC3000012 [2.0.0+] KeygenAndSealZ

Id 1

Functions exposed to the kernel internally.

Sub-Id Name In Out
0xC4000001 CPU_SUSPEND (oyasumi)
0x84000002 CPU_OFF
0xC4000003 CPU_ON
0xC3000004 GetConfig (Same as Id 0 Sub-Id 2.)
0xC3000005 PrngX931 (Same as Id 0 Sub-Id 6.)
0xC3000006 Panic
0xC3000008 ReadWriteRegister