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| HAC-040 || Touch Pen.
| HAC-040 || Touch Pen.
| HAC-041 ||
| HAC-041 || Touch Pen.
| HAC-042 || SNES controller.
| HAC-042 || SNES controller.
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| HDH-002 || HDEV Nintendo Switch console.
| HDH-002 || HDEV Nintendo Switch console.
| HDH-003 || Battery.
| HDH-004 || Carrying case.
| HDH-005 || Screen protector.
| HDH-006 || Flip cover.

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This page details miscellaneous Switch product information (serial numbers, product models, etc...).

Product Models

Device Product Code
Nintendo Switch HAC
Nintendo Switch SDEV/EDEV HAT
Nintendo Switch Mariko HAD
Nintendo Switch Lite HDH

Product List

Product Code Description
HAC-001 Retail Nintendo Switch console.
HAC-002 AC adapter.
HAC-003 Battery.
HAC-006 Joy-Con battery.
HAC-007 Dock.
HAC-008 Gamecard.
HAC-009 Gamecard case.
HAC-010 USB charging cable.
HAC-011 Joy-Con grip.
HAC-012 Joy-Con charge grip.
HAC-013 Pro Controller.
HAC-014 Joy-Con strap.
HAC-015 Left Joy-Con.
HAC-016 Right Joy-Con.
HAC-017 Joy-Con handle.
HAC-018 Screen protector.
HAC-019 Left Joy-Con extended battery.
HAC-020 Right Joy-Con extended battery.
HAC-021 Carrying case.
HAC-022 Ring-Con.
HAC-023 Leg Strap.
HAC-024 Poké Ball Plus controller.
HAC-030 Poké Ball Plus battery.
HAC-031 Charging stand.
HAC-033 Left NES controller.
HAC-034 Right NES controller.
HAC-035 Left Famicom controller.
HAC-036 Right Famicom controller.
HAC-040 Touch Pen.
HAC-041 Touch Pen.
HAC-042 SNES controller.
HAC-051 Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 1: Variety Kit.
HAC-052 Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 2: Robot Kit. (To confirm.)
HAC-053 Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 3: Vehicle Kit.
HAC-054 Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 4: VR Kit.
Product Code Description
HAT-001 SDEV Nintendo Switch console.
HAT-002 EDEV Nintendo Switch console.
HAT-003 SDEV cradle.
HAT-004 Relay Box.
Product Code Description
HAC-001-01/HAD-001 Retail Nintendo Switch Mariko console.
Product Code Description
HDH-001 Retail Nintendo Switch Lite console.
HDH-002 HDEV Nintendo Switch console.
HDH-003 Battery.
HDH-004 Carrying case.
HDH-005 Screen protector.
HDH-006 Flip cover.

Product Serial Numbers


A Switch console serial number is composed of at least three letters followed by ten decimal digits. The tenth digit is a check digit, meaning that it is derived from the other digits.


Observed prefixes are normally:

  • First letter represents the product line: "X" (NX).
  • Second letter represents the product model: "A" (Old/HAC-001), "J" (Lite/HDH-001) or "K" (New/HAC-001-01).
  • Third letter represents the product region: "W" (North America), "J" (Japan; and Europe on old models), "E" (Europe) or "K" (Korea).
  • Fourth letter is optional: "F" (factory).

Check Digit

The check digit is an industry-standard algorithm and is calculated just like it was on the 3DS.

To calculate the check digit of a Switch console, separate the non-check digits into "odd" and "even" groups, where the "odd" group is digits in odd-numbered positions, and the "even" group is digits in even-numbered positions. (The first digit is "odd", with "first" representing "1".)

After separating the digits, add the digits in each group together. Multiply the sum of the even digits by 3, then add the sum of the odd digits. To calculate the check digit, take this value modulo 10, and if not 0, subtract from 10.

Example: XAW10075273452

The non-check digits are 1007527345. Separating into odd and even groups, we get the following:

Odds: 1 + 0 + 5 + 7 + 4 = 17 Evens: 0 + 7 + 2 + 3 + 5 = 17

Applying the algorithm, we get ((3 * 17) + 17) % 10 = 8, which is not 0, thus 10 - 8 = 2, matching the example's check digit.