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Present in the firmware package titles (0100000000000819, 010000000000081A, 010000000000081B and 010000000000081C) and installed into eMMC storage's BCPKG2 partitions, "package2" contains the Switch kernel and the built-in system modules.


Package2 is distributed in an already encrypted format. Therefore, it's not additionally encrypted when installed into the flash filesystem.

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x100 RSA-2048 signature (PKCS#1 v2.1 RSASSA-PSS-VERIFY with SHA256)
0x100 0x100 Encrypted header
0x200 Variable Encrypted body


Package2's contents are AES-CTR encrypted with a key known only by TrustZone.

The encrypted header's CTR is stored as it's first 0x10 bytes (offset 0x100). The encrypted body is divided in up to 4 sections, each one with a CTR stored inside the decrypted header.


When decrypted, package2's header is as follows.

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x10 Decrypted header's CTR
0x10 0x10 Section 0 CTR
0x20 0x10 Section 1 CTR
0x30 0x10 Section 2 CTR
0x40 0x10 Section 3 CTR
0x50 0x4 Magic "PK21"
0x54 0x4 Unknown
0x58 0x4 Unknown
0x5C 0x2 Version. HighByte must be <{maxver} and LowByte must be >{minver}, where {maxver} and {minver} are constants used by TZ updated with each package1 update.
0x5E 0x2 ?
0x60 0x4 Section 0 size
0x64 0x4 Section 1 size
0x68 0x4 Section 2 size
0x6C 0x4 Section 3 size
0x70 0x4 Unknown
0x74 0x4 Unknown
0x78 0x4 Unknown
0x7C 0x4 Unknown
0x80 0x20 SHA-256 hash over encrypted section 0
0xA0 0x20 SHA-256 hash over encrypted section 1
0xC0 0x20 SHA-256 hash over encrypted section 2
0xE0 0x20 SHA-256 hash over encrypted section 3

Each section follows each other immediately and is encrypted with the same key used for encrypting the header.

Section 0

When decrypted, this section contains the plaintext Switch kernel binary.

Section 1

When decrypted, this section contains the built-in system modules encapsulated in a custom format.


Offset Type Description
0x0 u32 Magic "INI1"
0x4 u32 Size
0x8 u32 NumberProcesses
0xC u32 Zero


Kernel internal process?

Offset Type Description
0x0 u32 Magic "KIP1"
0x4 char[12] Name
0x10 u64 TitleId
0x18 u32
0x1C u32 Flags / etc. Byte3 bit0-2: compression-enable for each section, when set.
0x20 #SectionHeader[3] Sections
0x50 char[0x20] Padding
0x70 u64[0x20] KernelCaps
Offset Type Description
0x0 u32 OutOffset
0x4 u32 DecompressedSize
0x8 u32 CompressedSize
0xC u32

The compression used here is BLZ, with a modified footer since 3ds. The footer is now 0xC bytes instead of 0x8, and has the form u32 compressed_data_len; u32 initial_index; u32 additional_len_when_uncompressed;

Section 2

This section has a valid CTR and SHA-256 hash (over NULL) stored in the package2's header, but it's size is always 0. Likely reserved for future expansion.

Section 3

This section is not present (CTR and SHA-256 hash in package2's header are NULL). Likely reserved for future expansion.


System version Package1 maxver constant Package1 minver constant Package2 version field
2.0.0 0x3 0x4
4.1.0 0x6 0x7