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Title Description Author
Yuzu An experimental open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch from the creators of Citra, written in C/++ Yuzu Team
Ryujinx Experimental Switch emulator written in C# gdkchan

File Readers

Title Description Author
hactool A tool to view information about, decrypt, and extract common file formats for the Nintendo Switch, especially Nintendo Content Archives. SciresM
NXReader Node module for parsing several Switch (NX) file types. RedDucks

Homebrew Toolkits

Title Description Author
PyNX Entry point for nx-python, the Python ecosystem for the Switch (write homebrew in Python) AileenLumina
Switch PhysicsFS PhysicsFS 3.0.1 for Nintendo Switch homebrew (using libnx). carstene1ns
Lua 5.1.5 Lua 5.1.5 for Nintendo Switch homebrew carstene1ns
Snitch A high level library to develop homebrew software for Nintendo Switch (based on libnx) Slashcash