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Presumably Network Time Sync?


  • Returns content like the below URL. This is the content for NCA-type0. See below for %c. %016llx is titleID, %u is title-version.
  • Used for downloading content. First %s is atumn or atum. %c is one of: 'c', 'a', or 's'. %s is just the hex-string NcaId. The server also returns two HTTP headers: "X-Nintendo-Content-Hash: {entire lowercase hex-string of the content SHA256 hash}" and "X-Nintendo-Content-ID: {lowercase hex-string for NcaId}"
  • %016llx is titleID, only for eShop titles it appears. Returns .json title-info.
  • %016llx is titleID, only for eShop titles it appears. Output is similar to above URL.
  • ...
  • "" CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS is set to the output from: snprintf(..., "system_version=%08x&client_id=%s", <output parsed from a func>, "<hard-coded hex string>");

These are not accessible without the required TLS client cert+privk, minus the time URL which can be accessed without any client cert+privk at all.

The returned content data from CDN, for both system-titles and eShop-titles, is identical to the data readable by Content_Manager_services#ReadEntryRaw.

While atumn seems to be for system-titles, and atum for eShop titles, the latter titles are accessible fine with atumn(with "/t/" for NCA-type0 at least).

'a' is used when an input u8 is not 0x3, otherwise 's' is used. This is title-type? A seperate function using the ".../c/" URL is hard-coded to use 'c'. This appears to match 's' usage attempts: the only URL that returned actual data with 's' was with titleID 0100000000000816.

As of June 30, 2017, accessing old content via the atumn "/c/" and "/t/" URLs works fine.

Going by strings in NIM, it appears SOAP isn't used anymore. ecs appears to use REST API?


NIM generates two User-Agent strings:

 snprintf(..., "User-Agent: NintendoSDK Firmware/%s-%u (platform:%s; did:%016llx; eid:%s)", <string at sysver+0x68>, {u32 from sysver+4}, "NX", DeviceId, {NSD cmd11 output});
 snprintf(..., "User-Agent: NintendoSDK Firmware/%s-%u (platform:%s; eid:%s)", <string at sysver+0x68>, {u32 from sysver+4}, "NX", DeviceId, {NSD cmd11 output});

Where the 64bit DeviceId is parsed from the 0x10-bytes at outbuf+0xC6 from set:cal GetDeviceCert(DeviceCert_certname+2, aka where the hex string for the DeviceId is).


NIM sends a HTTP GET with the sun URL listed above to get the title-listing of the latest system-titles, as .json. The deviceid in the URL is the same one in the above User-Agent section. HTTP header "Accept:application/json" is sent in the request.

The response is json with a "system_update_metas" block, containing "title_id" and "title_version" entries. The actual server response only contains 1 title.

Example, from 2.0 system:



The following response is json from accessing the above aqua URL:

{ "contents_delivery_required_title_id": "0100000000000816", "contents_delivery_required_title_version": 0 }