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Roughly equivalent to non-gfx areas of 3DS SMDH. All strings for language-entries are UTF-8, unlike SMDH which uses UTF-16.

Total size is 0x4000-bytes.


Offset Size Description
0x0 0x2400 Language entries
0x2400 0xC00 Normally all-zero? Maybe more language entries?
0x3000 0x24 Zeros?
0x3024 0x4 ?
0x3028 0x4 ?
0x302C 0x4 ?
0x3030 0x4 ?
0x3034 0x4 ?
0x3038 0x8 Application titleID
0x3040 0x20 ?
0x3060 0x10 Application version string, encoding unknown.
0x3070 0x8 Base titleID for DLC, set even when DLC is not used. Usually app_titleID+0x1000?
0x3078 0x8 Application titleID
0x3080 0x4 ?
0x3084 0x4 ?
0x3088 0x4 ?
0x308C 0x24 Zeros?
0x30B0 0x8 Application titleID
0x30B8 0x38 (0x8*0x7) Array of application titleIDs, normally the same as the above app-titleIDs. Only set for game-updates?
0x30F0 0x4 ?
0x30F4 0x4 ?
0x30F8 0x8 Application titleID. Only set for game-updates?
0x3100 0x40 BCAT passphrase, all-zero when unused.
0x3140 0xEC0 Normally all-zero?

Language Entry

Total size is 0x300-bytes.

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x200 Application name string
0x200 0x100 Application developer string

Entry index for each language:

Entry-index Icon language filename
0 "AmericanEnglish"
1 "BritishEnglish"
2 "Japanese"
3 "French"
4 "German"
5 "LatinAmericanSpanish"
6 "Spanish"
7 "Italian"
8 "Dutch"
9 "CanadianFrench"
10 "Portuguese"
11 "Russian"
12 "Korean"
13 "Taiwanese"
14 "Chinese"

Official apps tend to have the language entries' strings set to only English. Some apps don't have certain language entries set at all.