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Roughly equivalent to non-gfx areas of 3DS SMDH. All strings for language-entries are UTF-8, unlike SMDH which uses UTF-16.

Total size is 0x4000-bytes.


Offset Size Description
0x0 0x3000 (0x300*16) Language entries
0x3000 0x24 Zeros?
0x3024 0x4 ?
0x3028 0x4 ?
0x302C 0x4 ?
0x3030 0x4 ?
0x3034 0x4 ?
0x3038 0x8 Application titleID
0x3040 0x20 ?
0x3060 0x10 Application version string, encoding unknown.
0x3070 0x8 Base titleID for DLC, set even when DLC is not used. Usually app_titleID+0x1000?
0x3078 0x8 Application titleID
0x3080 0x4 ?
0x3084 0x4 ?
0x3088 0x4 ?
0x308C 0x1C Zeros?
0x30A8 0x8 Product Code (this field is sometimes zeroes, unknown why)
0x30B0 0x8 Application titleID
0x30B8 0x38 (0x8*0x7) Array of application titleIDs, normally the same as the above app-titleIDs. Only set for game-updates?
0x30F0 0x4 ?
0x30F4 0x4 ?
0x30F8 0x8 Application titleID. Only set for game-updates?
0x3100 0x40 BCAT passphrase, all-zero when unused.
0x3140 0xEC0 Normally all-zero?

Language Entry

Total size is 0x300-bytes.

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x200 Application name string
0x200 0x100 Application developer string

Entry index for each language:

Entry-index Icon language filename
0 "AmericanEnglish"
1 "BritishEnglish"
2 "Japanese"
3 "French"
4 "German"
5 "LatinAmericanSpanish"
6 "Spanish"
7 "Italian"
8 "Dutch"
9 "CanadianFrench"
10 "Portuguese"
11 "Russian"
12 "Korean"
13 "Taiwanese"
14 "Chinese"

Official apps tend to have the language entries' strings set to only English. Some apps don't have certain language entries set at all. In addition, official apps usually (?) don't have the following language entries set: Korean, Taiwanese, and Chinese.