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This is the MyPage applet launched by Home Menu. Official sw uses this under nn::friends. See AM_services#Library_Applets.


Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 #Type
0x4 0x4 Padding
0x8 0x10 u128 userID
0x18 0x8 NetworkServiceAccountId
0x20 0x48 InAppScreenName
0x68 0x48 InAppScreenName

The is the 0xB0-byte struct pushed for the input storage.

The fields following the userID are only set for #Type ShowUserDetailInfo/StartSendingFriendRequest, for everything else these are cleared.


Name Type value PlayStartupSound Description
ShowFriendList 0 false
ShowUserDetailInfo 1 false
StartSendingFriendRequest 2 false
ShowMethodsOfSendingFriendRequest 3 false
StartFacedFriendRequest 4 false
ShowReceivedFriendRequestList 5 false
ShowBlockedUserList 6 false
ShowMyProfile 7 false
ShowMyProfileForHomeMenu 7 true Identical to ShowMyProfile except for PlayStartupSound.


User-processes should push a common arguments struct (version=0x1) as well as an #Arg struct. See #Type for the commonargs PlayStartupSound flag value. After starting the applet, official sw immediately closes it (no output storage is handled) - except for StartSendingFriendRequest, which returns an output storage containing the Result.