MiiEdit Applet

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This is the MiiEdit applet. See AM_services#Library_Applets.


This is "nn::mii::AppletInput". This struct is 0x100-bytes.

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Always set to value 0x3.
0x4 0x4 #AppletMode
0x8 0x4 SpecialMiiKeyCode
0xC 0x80 ValidUuidArray ("nn::util::Uuid" array). Only used with #AppletMode AppendMiiImage/UpdateMiiImage.
0x8C 0x10 UsedUuid ("nn::util::Uuid"). Only used with #AppletMode UpdateMiiImage.
0x9C 0x64 Unused by sdknso.


This is "nn::mii::AppletOutput". This struct is 0x20-bytes.

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Result: 0 = Success, 1 = Cancel.
0x4 0x4 s32 Index. Only set when Result is Success, where #AppletMode isn't ShowMiiEdit.
0x8 0x18 Unused by sdknso.

When Result is Cancel with #AppletMode ShowMiiEdit, sdknso will return rc=0, same as Success.


This is "nn::mii::AppletMode".

Value Description
0 ShowMiiEdit
1 AppendMii
2 AppendMiiImage
3 UpdateMiiImage


User-processes should push a storage containing the #AppletInput struct (commonargs is not used). Once the applet finishes running successfully, it will return an output storage containing an #AppletOutput.