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This is "nn::ldr::detail::IShellInterface".

Cmd Name
0 #SetProgramArgument
1 #FlushArguments


Takes a type-0x9 input buffer with launch arguments (as string), an u32 (size of arguments string), and an input title-id.

[11.0.0+] Now takes a type-0x5 buffer instead of type-0x9. Now takes a total of 8-bytes of input, instead of 0x10-bytes total.

Loads a process for the specified title-id and passes along the supplied arguments. Loaded processes are kept in a queue waiting for PM to launch them. The maximum number of waiting processes in this list is 10.


Clears the loaded processes waiting queue.


This is "nn::ldr::detail::IDebugMonitorInterface".

Cmd Name
0 #SetProgramArgument
1 #FlushArguments
2 #GetProcessModuleInfo


Takes in a u64 Process ID, and a C descriptor out array of #ModuleInfos. Returns the number of ModuleInfos copied to output.


This is "nn::ldr::detail::IProcessManagerInterface".

Cmd Name
0 CreateProcess
1 #GetProgramInfo
2 #PinProgram
3 #UnpinProgram
4 [10.0.0+] #SetEnabledProgramVerification


Takes an ncm::ProgramLocation, parses the NPDM, and writes a #ProgramInfo to a C descriptor buffer.


Takes an ncm::ProgramLocation, returns a u64 "PinId".


Takes a PinId from #PinProgram.


Seems to sets a global flag to inputval & 1.

When the flag is zero, it will set ret=0 instead of ret={error} when verifying the fixed-key NPDM ACID signature fails. This also skips verifying the NCA Header signature using the ACID key. Note that if verifying the fixed-key ACID signature is successful, and verifying the ACID-key NCA header signature fails, it will throw an error and abort.


Offset Size Description
0x0 0x20 ModuleId
0x20 0x8 ImageAddress
0x28 0x8 ImageSize


Offset Size Description
0x0 0x1 MainThreadPrio. Arg1 to svcStartProcess
0x1 0x1 DefaultCpuId. Arg2 to svcStartProcess
0x2 0x1 ApplicationType, see here.
0x3 0x1 Padding
0x4 0x4 MainThreadStackSize. Arg3 to svcStartProcess
0x8 0x8 TitleIdRange_Min
0x10 0x4 ACID Service Access Control list size
0x14 0x4 ACI0 Service Access Control list size
0x18 0x4 ACID FS Access Control buffer size
0x1C 0x4 ACI0 FS Access Control buffer size
0x20 <Varies> ACID Service Access Control list
<Varies> <Varies> ACI0 Service Access Control list
<Varies> <Varies> ACID FS Access Control buffer
<Varies> <Varies> ACI0 FS Access Control