How to update to 3.0.0

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Why update to 3.0.0

First, if you are on 1.0.0 stay on it, it will be possible to install Custom Firmware.
Then, 3.0.0 system version is the most vulnerable for Homebrews and lower system version are not compatible with PegaSwitch.

See nx-hbl


An original game card of Pokkén Tournament DX (With a Game card serial ending with 000).
Why ? Because a revision of this game exist with 3.0.1 console update instead of 3.0.0 version.


We need to disconnect our Switch from internet and be sure there is no pre-installed (cached) update and then install our 3.0.0 update from game.

  • Fist step (Disconnect from internet our switch) :
    1. Go to System Settings.
    2. Find and enable Airplane Mode.
  • Second step (Remove all cached updates) :
    1. Power off your switch then Power on it by pressing this combo : (Power) + (Volume Up) + (Volume Down).
    2. Do nothing here, entering this menu will delete update data, now we just have to leave.
    3. Power off your switch by pressing Power button.
  • Third step (Update our switch to 3.0.0)
    Insert and try to launch the game, then accept update when it's prompted.
  • Last step (Disable Airplane Mode)


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