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This is the system "flog" 01008BB00013C000 title. "flog" is a full-fledged NES emulator and is installed on retail systems since 1.0.0.

The titleID for "flog" is used by 3 functions in qlaunch: 1 for checking whether to launch it, 1 for registering it as an applet and 1 to launch it.

The ROM is not loaded via FS but is embedded in the main binary.

"flog" == "golf" backwards. This runs the NES "Golf" game. {1/2}-player via joy-con is supported. Controls are "d-pad" buttons + stick, however motion control while holding the Z{L/R} button is also supported instead of using buttons.

Official Launch

qlaunch periodically checks if the user is in "/RootScene/SceneResidentMenu", which represents the Home Menu (aka main-menu). If so, the following checks are then performed in order:

  • The Joy-Cons' state is read from HID shared memory and both must be active and detached from the console.
  • "StartSixAxisSensor" hid command is called for each Joy-Con so motion data can be captured.
  • After capturing the motion data, the same motion checks for both Joy-Cons must pass at the same time. This motion data is analyzed in a small state machine consisting of a total of 7 steps and the motion itself is a reference to Iwata's Direct gesture. Hold the Joy-Cons pointing forwards/downwards, then move Joy-Cons to a vertical position, and hold it there for a bit. The Joy-Con grip can be used for this.
  • The system's month and day must be July 11th, which is the date of Iwata's passing. The loaded date originates from network-time-sync'd time, regardless of whether the user has it enabled or not. When the system was never connected to the Internet, it comes from the user-specified date instead. This is loaded from the time service-cmds, with the actual time-sync being handled by NIM.
  • A wrapper for "GetLanguageCode" set command is called and the returned code must be 0 (JPja), 1 (USen) or 2 (EUen). Other combinations of region and language may have it's code translated internally to a valid one (0, 1 or 2), which seems to be the case for 12 (CNzh), 13 (KRko) and 14 (TWzh).
  • Lastly, "IsSystemProgramInstalled" ns:am command is called, which should return 1 if the "flog" title is installed.

Once everything passes it continues to the code which launches "flog". When "flog" is launched a small audio clip named "SeTestTone" is played which matches this.


These screenshots were originally taken by executing flog with an unofficial method.

Flog main-screen
Flog 1-player
Flog 2-player mode as player-1.
Flog 2-player mode as player-2.