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This is the system "flog" 01008BB00013C000 title. This is a NES emulator. Installed on retail systems since 1.0.0.

The titleID for "flog" is used by 3 funcs in qlaunch. It's unknown what exactly triggers launching this title officially. This can be run with unofficial methods.

The ROM is not loaded via FS but is embedded in the main binary.

"flog" == "golf" backwards. This runs the NES "Golf" game. {1/2}-player via joy-cons is supported. Controls are "d-pad" buttons + stick, however motion control while holding the Z{L/R} button is also supported instead of using buttons.

Flog main-screen
Flog 1-player
Flog 2-player mode as player-1.
Flog 2-player mode as player-2.