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This is the title with process-name "flog" ("flog" == "golf" backwards) launched by qlaunch with ProgramId 01008BB00013C000.

"flog" is a full-fledged NES emulator and is installed on all retail systems since 1.0.0. The ProgramId for "flog" is used by 3 functions in qlaunch: 1 for checking whether to launch it, 1 for registering it as an applet and 1 to launch it. The ROM is not loaded via FS but is embedded in the main binary.

This runs the NES "Golf" game. {1/2}-player via joy-con is supported. Controls are "d-pad" buttons + stick, however motion control while holding the Z{L/R} button is also supported instead of using buttons.

[4.0.0+] Flog was stubbed and can no longer be launched.


These screenshots were originally taken by executing flog with an unofficial method.

Flog main-screen
Flog 1-player
Flog 2-player mode as player-1.
Flog 2-player mode as player-2.