Factory Setup

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Setup Process

At the factory, a minimal version of the Switch OS is installed. A modified version of the boot2 title (boot2.manuBoot) is installed that launches an additional "Manu" sysmodule, and the system config title specifies to launch "Test Application Launcher" instead of qlaunch.

Test Application Launcher is used to launch a number of tests, "CAL0" calibration data is written to NAND, and retail firmware is installed.



Factory firmware contains a stripped down version of the Switch's OS with unnecessary titles removed, and a number of additional debug titles installed.

TestApplicationLauncher running on a console.

Removed Titles

  • The following system data archive titles are present in retail firmware, but not installed at the factory: 0100000000000801, 0100000000000803, 0100000000000804, 0100000000000805, 0100000000000808, 010000000000080A, 010000000000080B, 010000000000080C, 010000000000080D, 010000000000081A, 010000000000081B, 010000000000081E.
  • Every System Applet "10XX" title is not installed.
  • 01008BB00013C000 ("flog") is not installed.

Factory-Only Titles

Title ID Name Description
0100000000002000 "BoardTest"
0100000000002001 ? Probably Battery Vendor related.
0100000000002002 C1LcdAndKey LCD/Keyboard testing.
0100000000002003 C2UsbHpmic USB testing.
0100000000002004 C3Aging Graphics/Framerate testing.
0100000000002005 C4SixAxis Sixaxis (controller peripheral) testing.
0100000000002006 C5Wireless Wireless testing.
010000000000204E A4BoardCalWriti Writes calibration data to NAND.
010000000000209C TestApplication "Test Application Launcher", factory qlaunch replacement. Used to launch other tests.
010000000000B14A Manu Manufacturing sysmodule.
1000000000000001 SystemInitializ Initial system installer (used to write/verify console specific calibration data such as asymmetric keys and write/verify NAND partitions from an initial installation image).
1000000000000004 ? ?