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(these names are all made up.)
Line 157: Line 157:
| 100 || OpenProfileImporter
| 100 || OpenProfileImporter
| 200 ||  
| 200 || ReadMetadata
| 201 ||
| 201 || IsUpdateNeeded
| 2000 ||
| 2000 || Reset
Line 171: Line 171:
! Cmd || Name
! Cmd || Name
| 0 ||
| 0 || ImportData
| 1 ||  
| 1 || Commit
| 2 ||
| 2 || ImportMetadata
Line 201: Line 201:
! Cmd || Name
! Cmd || Name
| 0 ||  
| 0 || GetSigned64
| 1 ||
| 1 || GetUnsigned64
| 2 ||  
| 2 || GetSigned32
| 3 ||  
| 3 || GetUnsigned32
| 4 ||  
| 4 || GetByte
Line 219: Line 219:
! Cmd || Name
! Cmd || Name
| 0 ||  
| 0 || Listen
| 1 ||
| 1 || Unlisten
| 2 ||  
| 2 || GetEvent
Line 233: Line 233:
! Cmd || Name
! Cmd || Name
| 2000 ||  
| 2000 || Reset
| 2001 ||  
| 2001 || GetRaw

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This is "nn::erpt::sf::IContext".

Cmd Name
0 #SubmitContext
1 #CreateReportV0
2 [3.0.0+] SetInitialLaunchSettingsCompletionTime
3 [3.0.0+] ClearInitialLaunchSettingsCompletionTime
4 [3.0.0-11.0.1] UpdatePowerOnTime
5 [3.0.0-11.0.1] UpdateAwakeTime
6 [5.0.0+] SubmitMultipleCategoryContext
7 [6.0.0+] UpdateApplicationLaunchTime
8 [6.0.0+] ClearApplicationLaunchTime
9 [8.0.0+] SubmitAttachment
10 [8.0.0+] #CreateReportWithAttachments
11 [11.0.0+] CreateReport
20 [12.0.0+] RegisterRunningApplet
21 [12.0.0+] UnregisterRunningApplet
22 [12.0.0+] UpdateAppletSuspendedDuration
30 [12.0.0+] InvalidateForcedShutdownDetection


Takes 2 type-5 input buffers #ContextEntry and FieldList.


This is a 0x160 bytes structure used to encapsulate an error report context.

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Version
0x4 0x4 FieldCount
0x8 0x4 CategoryId
0xC 0x144 Array of FieldEntry
0x150 0x8 Pointer to a FieldList object
0x158 0x4 FieldList free count
0x15C 0x4 FieldList total size


Takes an u32 ReportType and 3 type-5 input buffers #ContextEntry, ReportList and ReportMetaData.


Takes 4-bytes of input and 3 type-0x5 input buffers, no output.

[11.0.0+] Now takes an additional 4-bytes of input.


This is "nn::erpt::sf::ISession".

Cmd Name
0 OpenReport
1 OpenManager
2 [8.0.0+] OpenAttachment


This is "nn::erpt::sf::IReport".

Cmd Name
0 Open
1 Read
2 SetFlags
3 GetFlags
4 Close
5 GetSize


This is "nn::erpt::sf::IManager".

Cmd Name
0 GetReportList
1 GetEvent
2 [4.0.0+] CleanupReports
3 [5.0.0+] DeleteReport
4 [5.0.0+] GetStorageUsageStatistics
5 [8.0.0+] GetAttachmentList


This is "nn::erpt::sf::IAttachment".

Cmd Name
0 Open
1 Read
2 SetFlags
3 GetFlags
4 Close
5 GetSize


This is "nn::sprofile::srv::ISprofileServiceForBgAgent".

This was added with [13.0.0+].

Cmd Name
100 OpenProfileImporter
200 ReadMetadata
201 IsUpdateNeeded
2000 Reset


This is "nn::sprofile::srv::IProfileImporter".

Cmd Name
0 ImportData
1 Commit
2 ImportMetadata


This is "nn::sprofile::srv::ISprofileServiceForSystemProcess".

This was added with [13.0.0+].

Cmd Name
100 OpenProfileReader
101 OpenProfileUpdateObserver
900 OpenProfileControllerForDebug


This is "nn::sprofile::srv::IProfileReader".

Cmd Name
0 GetSigned64
1 GetUnsigned64
2 GetSigned32
3 GetUnsigned32
4 GetByte


This is "nn::sprofile::srv::IProfileUpdateObserver".

Cmd Name
0 Listen
1 Unlisten
2 GetEvent


This is "nn::sprofile::srv::IProfileControllerForDebug".

Cmd Name
2000 Reset
2001 GetRaw



Id Name Category FieldType FieldFlag
0x0 TestU64 Test NumericU64 None
0x1 TestU32 Test NumericU32 None
0x2 TestI64 Test NumericI64 None
0x3 TestI32 Test NumericI32 None
0x4 TestString Test String None
0x5 TestU8Array Test U8Array None
0x6 TestU32Array Test U32Array None
0x7 TestU64Array Test U64Array None
0x8 TestI32Array Test I32Array None
0x9 TestI64Array Test I64Array None
0xA ErrorCode ErrorInfo String None
0xB ErrorDescription ErrorInfo String None
0xC OccurrenceTimestamp ErrorInfoAuto NumericI64 None
0xD ReportIdentifier ErrorInfoAuto String None
0xE ConnectionStatus ConnectionStatusInfo String None
0xF AccessPointSSID AccessPointInfo String None
0x10 AccessPointSecurityType AccessPointInfo String None
0x11 RadioStrength RadioStrengthInfo NumericU32 None
0x12 NXMacAddress NXMacAddressInfo String None
0x13 IPAddressAcquisitionMethod NetworkInfo NumericU32 None
0x14 CurrentIPAddress NetworkInfo String None
0x15 SubnetMask NetworkInfo String None
0x16 GatewayIPAddress NetworkInfo String None
0x17 DNSType NetworkInfo NumericU32 None
0x18 PriorityDNSIPAddress NetworkInfo String None
0x19 AlternateDNSIPAddress NetworkInfo String None
0x1A UseProxyFlag NetworkInfo Bool None
0x1B ProxyIPAddress NetworkInfo String None
0x1C ProxyPort NetworkInfo NumericU32 None
0x1D ProxyAutoAuthenticateFlag NetworkInfo Bool None
0x1E MTU NetworkInfo NumericU32 None
0x1F ConnectAutomaticallyFlag NetworkInfo Bool None
0x20 UseStealthNetworkFlag StealthNetworkInfo Bool None
0x21 LimitHighCapacityFlag LimitHighCapacityInfo Bool None
0x22 NATType NATTypeInfo String None
0x23 WirelessAPMacAddress WirelessAPMacAddressInfo String None
0x24 GlobalIPAddress GlobalIPAddressInfo String None
0x25 EnableWirelessInterfaceFlag EnableWirelessInterfaceInfo Bool None
0x26 EnableWifiFlag EnableWifiInfo Bool None
0x27 EnableBluetoothFlag EnableBluetoothInfo Bool None
0x28 EnableNFCFlag EnableNFCInfo Bool None
0x29 NintendoZoneSSIDListVersion NintendoZoneSSIDListVersionInfo String None
0x2A LANAdapterMacAddress LANAdapterMacAddressInfo String None
0x2B ApplicationID ApplicationInfo String None
0x2C ApplicationTitle ApplicationInfo String None
0x2D ApplicationVersion ApplicationInfo String None
0x2E ApplicationStorageLocation ApplicationInfo String None
0x2F DownloadContentType OccurrenceInfo String None
0x30 InstallContentType OccurrenceInfo String None
0x31 ConsoleStartingUpFlag OccurrenceInfo Bool None
0x32 SystemStartingUpFlag OccurrenceInfo Bool None
0x33 ConsoleFirstInitFlag OccurrenceInfo Bool None
0x34 HomeMenuScreenDisplayedFlag OccurrenceInfo Bool None
0x35 DataManagementScreenDisplayedFlag OccurrenceInfo Bool None
0x36 ConnectionTestingFlag OccurrenceInfo Bool None
0x37 ApplicationRunningFlag OccurrenceInfo Bool None
0x38 DataCorruptionDetectedFlag OccurrenceInfo Bool None
0x39 ProductModel ProductModelInfo String None
0x3A CurrentLanguage CurrentLanguageInfo String None
0x3B UseNetworkTimeProtocolFlag UseNetworkTimeProtocolInfo Bool None
0x3C TimeZone TimeZoneInfo String None
0x3D ControllerFirmware ControllerFirmwareInfo String None
0x3E VideoOutputSetting VideoOutputInfo String None
0x3F NANDFreeSpace NANDFreeSpaceInfo NumericU64 None
0x40 SDCardFreeSpace SDCardFreeSpaceInfo NumericU64 None
0x41 SerialNumber ErrorInfoAuto String None
0x42 OsVersion ErrorInfoAuto String None
0x43 ScreenBrightnessAutoAdjustFlag ScreenBrightnessInfo Bool None
0x44 HdmiAudioOutputMode AudioFormatInfo String None
0x45 SpeakerAudioOutputMode AudioFormatInfo String None
0x46 HeadphoneAudioOutputMode AudioFormatInfo String None
0x47 MuteOnHeadsetUnpluggedFlag MuteOnHeadsetUnpluggedInfo Bool None
0x48 NumUserRegistered NumUserRegisteredInfo NumericI32 None
0x49 StorageAutoOrganizeFlag DataDeletionInfo Bool None
0x4A ControllerVibrationVolume ControllerVibrationInfo String None
0x4B LockScreenFlag LockScreenInfo Bool None
0x4C InternalBatteryLotNumber InternalBatteryLotNumberInfo String None
0x4D LeftControllerSerialNumber LeftControllerSerialNumberInfo String None
0x4E RightControllerSerialNumber RightControllerSerialNumberInfo String None
0x4F NotifyInGameDownloadCompletionFlag NotificationInfo Bool None
0x50 NotificationSoundFlag NotificationInfo Bool None
0x51 TVResolutionSetting TVInfo String None
0x52 RGBRangeSetting TVInfo String None
0x53 ReduceScreenBurnFlag TVInfo Bool None
0x54 TVAllowsCecFlag TVInfo Bool None
0x55 HandheldModeTimeToScreenSleep SleepInfo String None
0x56 ConsoleModeTimeToScreenSleep SleepInfo String None
0x57 StopAutoSleepDuringContentPlayFlag SleepInfo Bool None
0x58 LastConnectionTestDownloadSpeed ConnectionInfo NumericU32 None
0x59 LastConnectionTestUploadSpeed ConnectionInfo NumericU32 None
0x5A DEPRECATED_ServerFQDN NetworkErrorInfo String None
0x5B HTTPRequestContents NetworkErrorInfo String None
0x5C HTTPRequestResponseContents NetworkErrorInfo String None
0x5D EdgeServerIPAddress NetworkErrorInfo String None
0x5E CDNContentPath NetworkErrorInfo String None
0x5F FileAccessPath FileAccessPathInfo String None
0x60 GameCardCID GameCardCIDInfo U8Array None
0x61 NANDCID NANDCIDInfo U8Array None
0x62 MicroSDCID MicroSDCIDInfo U8Array None
0x63 NANDSpeedMode NANDSpeedModeInfo String None
0x64 MicroSDSpeedMode MicroSDSpeedModeInfo String None
0x65 GameCardSpeedMode GameCardSpeedModeInfo String None
0x66 UserAccountInternalID UserAccountInternalIDInfo String None
0x67 NetworkServiceAccountInternalID NetworkServiceAccountInternalIDInfo String None
0x68 NintendoAccountInternalID NintendoAccountInternalIDInfo String None
0x69 USB3AvailableFlag USB3AvailableInfo Bool None
0x6A CallStack CallStackInfo String None
0x6B SystemStartupLog SystemStartupLogInfo String None
0x6C RegionSetting RegionSettingInfo String None
0x6D NintendoZoneConnectedFlag NintendoZoneConnectedInfo Bool None
0x6E ForcedSleepHighTemperatureReading ForceSleepInfo NumericU32 None
0x6F ForcedSleepFanSpeedReading ForceSleepInfo NumericU32 None
0x70 ForcedSleepHWInfo ForceSleepInfo String None
0x71 AbnormalPowerStateInfo ChargerInfo NumericU32 None
0x72 ScreenBrightnessLevel ScreenBrightnessInfo String None
0x73 ProgramId ErrorInfo String None
0x74 AbortFlag ErrorInfo Bool None
0x75 ReportVisibilityFlag ErrorInfoAuto Bool None
0x76 FatalFlag ErrorInfo Bool None
0x77 OccurrenceTimestampNet ErrorInfoAuto NumericI64 None
0x78 ResultBacktrace ErrorInfo U32Array None
0x79 GeneralRegisterAarch32 ErrorInfo U32Array None
0x7A StackBacktrace32 ErrorInfo U32Array None
0x7B ExceptionInfoAarch32 ErrorInfo U32Array None
0x7C GeneralRegisterAarch64 ErrorInfo U64Array None
0x7D ExceptionInfoAarch64 ErrorInfo U64Array None
0x7E StackBacktrace64 ErrorInfo U64Array None
0x7F RegisterSetFlag32 ErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x80 RegisterSetFlag64 ErrorInfo NumericU64 None
0x81 ProgramMappedAddr32 ErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x82 ProgramMappedAddr64 ErrorInfo NumericU64 None
0x83 AbortType ErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x84 PrivateOsVersion ErrorInfoAuto String None
0x85 CurrentSystemPowerState SystemPowerStateInfo NumericU32 None
0x86 PreviousSystemPowerState SystemPowerStateInfo NumericU32 None
0x87 DestinationSystemPowerState SystemPowerStateInfo NumericU32 None
0x88 PscTransitionCurrentState ErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x89 PscTransitionPreviousState ErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x8A PscInitializedList ErrorInfo U8Array None
0x8B PscCurrentPmStateList ErrorInfo U32Array None
0x8C PscNextPmStateList ErrorInfo U32Array None
0x8D PerformanceMode PerformanceInfo NumericI32 None
0x8E PerformanceConfiguration PerformanceInfo NumericU32 None
0x8F Throttled ThrottlingInfo Bool None
0x90 ThrottlingDuration ThrottlingInfo NumericI64 None
0x91 ThrottlingTimestamp ThrottlingInfo NumericI64 None
0x92 GameCardCrcErrorCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x93 GameCardAsicCrcErrorCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x94 GameCardRefreshCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x95 GameCardReadRetryCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x96 EdidBlock EdidInfo U8Array None
0x97 EdidExtensionBlock EdidInfo U8Array None
0x98 CreateProcessFailureFlag ErrorInfo Bool None
0x99 TemperaturePcb ThermalInfo NumericI32 None
0x9A TemperatureSoc ThermalInfo NumericI32 None
0x9B CurrentFanDuty ThermalInfo NumericI32 None
0x9C LastDvfsThresholdTripped ThermalInfo NumericI32 None
0x9D CradlePdcHFwVersion CradleFirmwareInfo NumericU32 None
0x9E CradlePdcAFwVersion CradleFirmwareInfo NumericU32 None
0x9F CradleMcuFwVersion CradleFirmwareInfo NumericU32 None
0xA0 CradleDp2HdmiFwVersion CradleFirmwareInfo NumericU32 None
0xA1 RunningApplicationId RunningApplicationInfo String None
0xA2 RunningApplicationTitle RunningApplicationInfo String None
0xA3 RunningApplicationVersion RunningApplicationInfo String None
0xA4 RunningApplicationStorageLocation RunningApplicationInfo String None
0xA5 RunningAppletList RunningAppletInfo U64Array None
0xA6 FocusedAppletHistory FocusedAppletHistoryInfo U64Array None
0xA7 CompositorState CompositorStateInfo String None
0xA8 CompositorLayerState CompositorLayerInfo String None
0xA9 CompositorDisplayState CompositorDisplayInfo String None
0xAA CompositorHWCState CompositorHWCInfo String None
0xAB InputCurrentLimit BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xAC BoostModeCurrentLimit BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xAD FastChargeCurrentLimit BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xAE ChargeVoltageLimit BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xAF ChargeConfiguration BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xB0 HizMode BatteryChargeInfo Bool None
0xB1 ChargeEnabled BatteryChargeInfo Bool None
0xB2 PowerSupplyPath BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xB3 BatteryTemperature BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xB4 BatteryChargePercent BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xB5 BatteryChargeVoltage BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xB6 BatteryAge BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xB7 PowerRole BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xB8 PowerSupplyType BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xB9 PowerSupplyVoltage BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xBA PowerSupplyCurrent BatteryChargeInfo NumericI32 None
0xBB FastBatteryChargingEnabled BatteryChargeInfo Bool None
0xBC ControllerPowerSupplyAcquired BatteryChargeInfo Bool None
0xBD OtgRequested BatteryChargeInfo Bool None
0xBE NANDPreEolInfo NANDExtendedCsd NumericU32 None
0xBF NANDDeviceLifeTimeEstTypA NANDExtendedCsd NumericU32 None
0xC0 NANDDeviceLifeTimeEstTypB NANDExtendedCsd NumericU32 None
0xC1 NANDPatrolCount NANDPatrolInfo NumericU32 None
0xC2 NANDNumActivationFailures NANDErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xC3 NANDNumActivationErrorCorrections NANDErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xC4 NANDNumReadWriteFailures NANDErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xC5 NANDNumReadWriteErrorCorrections NANDErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xC6 NANDErrorLog NANDDriverLog String None
0xC7 SdCardUserAreaSize SdCardSizeSpec NumericI64 None
0xC8 SdCardProtectedAreaSize SdCardSizeSpec NumericI64 None
0xC9 SdCardNumActivationFailures SdCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xCA SdCardNumActivationErrorCorrections SdCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xCB SdCardNumReadWriteFailures SdCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xCC SdCardNumReadWriteErrorCorrections SdCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xCD SdCardErrorLog SdCardDriverLog String None
0xCE EncryptionKey ErrorInfo U8Array None
0xCF EncryptedExceptionInfo ErrorInfo U8Array None
0xD0 GameCardTimeoutRetryErrorCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xD1 FsRemountForDataCorruptCount FsProxyErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xD2 FsRemountForDataCorruptRetryOutCount FsProxyErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xD3 [3.0.0+] GameCardInsertionCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xD4 [3.0.0+] GameCardRemovalCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xD5 [3.0.0+] GameCardAsicInitializeCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xD6 [3.0.0+] TestU16 Test NumericU16 None
0xD7 [3.0.0+] TestU8 Test NumericU8 None
0xD8 [3.0.0+] TestI16 Test NumericI16 None
0xD9 [3.0.0+] TestI8 Test NumericI8 None
0xDA [3.0.0+] SystemAppletScene SystemAppletSceneInfo NumericU8 None
0xDB [3.0.0+] CodecType VideoInfo NumericU32 None
0xDC [3.0.0+] DecodeBuffers VideoInfo NumericU32 None
0xDD [3.0.0+] FrameWidth VideoInfo NumericI32 None
0xDE [3.0.0+] FrameHeight VideoInfo NumericI32 None
0xDF [3.0.0+] ColorPrimaries VideoInfo NumericU8 None
0xE0 [3.0.0+] TransferCharacteristics VideoInfo NumericU8 None
0xE1 [3.0.0+] MatrixCoefficients VideoInfo NumericU8 None
0xE2 [3.0.0+] DisplayWidth VideoInfo NumericI32 None
0xE3 [3.0.0+] DisplayHeight VideoInfo NumericI32 None
0xE4 [3.0.0+] DARWidth VideoInfo NumericI32 None
0xE5 [3.0.0+] DARHeight VideoInfo NumericI32 None
0xE6 [3.0.0+] ColorFormat VideoInfo NumericU32 None
0xE7 [3.0.0+] ColorSpace VideoInfo String None
0xE8 [3.0.0+] SurfaceLayout VideoInfo String None
0xE9 [3.0.0+] BitStream VideoInfo U8Array None
0xEA [3.0.0+] VideoDecState VideoInfo String None
0xEB [3.0.0+] GpuErrorChannelId GpuErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xEC [3.0.0+] GpuErrorAruId GpuErrorInfo NumericU64 None
0xED [3.0.0+] GpuErrorType GpuErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xEE [3.0.0+] GpuErrorFaultInfo GpuErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xEF [3.0.0+] GpuErrorWriteAccess GpuErrorInfo Bool None
0xF0 [3.0.0+] GpuErrorFaultAddress GpuErrorInfo NumericU64 None
0xF1 [3.0.0+] GpuErrorFaultUnit GpuErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xF2 [3.0.0+] GpuErrorFaultType GpuErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xF3 [3.0.0+] GpuErrorHwContextPointer GpuErrorInfo NumericU64 None
0xF4 [3.0.0+] GpuErrorContextStatus GpuErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xF5 [3.0.0+] GpuErrorPbdmaIntr GpuErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xF6 [3.0.0+] GpuErrorPbdmaErrorType GpuErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xF7 [3.0.0+] GpuErrorPbdmaHeaderShadow GpuErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xF8 [3.0.0+] GpuErrorPbdmaHeader GpuErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xF9 [3.0.0+] GpuErrorPbdmaGpShadow0 GpuErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xFA [3.0.0+] GpuErrorPbdmaGpShadow1 GpuErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xFB [3.0.0+] AccessPointChannel AccessPointInfo NumericU16 None
0xFC [3.0.0+] ThreadName ErrorInfo String None
0xFD [3.0.0+] AdspExceptionRegisters AdspErrorInfo U32Array None
0xFE [3.0.0+] AdspExceptionSpsr AdspErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0xFF [3.0.0+] AdspExceptionProgramCounter AdspErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x100 [3.0.0+] AdspExceptionLinkRegister AdspErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x101 [3.0.0+] AdspExceptionStackPointer AdspErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x102 [3.0.0+] AdspExceptionArmModeRegisters AdspErrorInfo U32Array None
0x103 [3.0.0+] AdspExceptionStackAddress AdspErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x104 [3.0.0+] AdspExceptionStackDump AdspErrorInfo U32Array None
0x105 [3.0.0+] AdspExceptionReason AdspErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x106 [3.0.0+] OscillatorClock PowerClockInfo NumericU32 None
0x107 [3.0.0+] CpuDvfsTableClocks PowerClockInfo U32Array None
0x108 [3.0.0+] CpuDvfsTableVoltages PowerClockInfo I32Array None
0x109 [3.0.0+] GpuDvfsTableClocks PowerClockInfo U32Array None
0x10A [3.0.0+] GpuDvfsTableVoltages PowerClockInfo I32Array None
0x10B [3.0.0+] EmcDvfsTableClocks PowerClockInfo U32Array None
0x10C [3.0.0+] EmcDvfsTableVoltages PowerClockInfo I32Array None
0x10D [3.0.0+] ModuleClockFrequencies PowerClockInfo U32Array None
0x10E [3.0.0+] ModuleClockEnableFlags PowerClockInfo U8Array None
0x10F [3.0.0+] ModulePowerEnableFlags PowerClockInfo U8Array None
0x110 [3.0.0+] ModuleResetAssertFlags PowerClockInfo U8Array None
0x111 [3.0.0+] ModuleMinimumVoltageClockRates PowerClockInfo U32Array None
0x112 [3.0.0+] PowerDomainEnableFlags PowerClockInfo U8Array None
0x113 [3.0.0+] PowerDomainVoltages PowerClockInfo I32Array None
0x114 [3.0.0+] AccessPointRssi RadioStrengthInfo NumericI32 None
0x115 [3.0.0+] FuseInfo PowerClockInfo U32Array None
0x116 [3.0.0+] VideoLog VideoInfo String None
0x117 [3.0.0+] GameCardDeviceId GameCardCIDInfo U8Array None
0x118 [3.0.0+] GameCardAsicReinitializeCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU16 None
0x119 [3.0.0+] GameCardAsicReinitializeFailureCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU16 None
0x11A [3.0.0+] GameCardAsicReinitializeFailureDetail GameCardErrorInfo NumericU16 None
0x11B [3.0.0+] GameCardRefreshSuccessCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU16 None
0x11C [3.0.0+] GameCardAwakenCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x11D [3.0.0+] GameCardAwakenFailureCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU16 None
0x11E [3.0.0+] GameCardReadCountFromInsert GameCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x11F [3.0.0+] GameCardReadCountFromAwaken GameCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x120 [3.0.0+] GameCardLastReadErrorPageAddress GameCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x121 [3.0.0+] GameCardLastReadErrorPageCount GameCardErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x122 [3.0.0+] AppletManagerContextTrace ErrorInfo I32Array None
0x123 [3.0.0+] NvDispIsRegistered NvDispDeviceInfo Bool None
0x124 [3.0.0+] NvDispIsSuspend NvDispDeviceInfo Bool None
0x125 [3.0.0+] NvDispDC0SurfaceNum NvDispDeviceInfo I32Array None
0x126 [3.0.0+] NvDispDC1SurfaceNum NvDispDeviceInfo I32Array None
0x127 [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowSrcRectX NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x128 [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowSrcRectY NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x129 [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowSrcRectWidth NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x12A [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowSrcRectHeight NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x12B [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowDstRectX NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x12C [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowDstRectY NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x12D [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowDstRectWidth NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x12E [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowDstRectHeight NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x12F [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowIndex NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x130 [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowBlendOperation NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x131 [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowAlphaOperation NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x132 [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowDepth NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x133 [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowAlpha NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU8 None
0x134 [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowHFilter NvDispDcWindowInfo Bool None
0x135 [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowVFilter NvDispDcWindowInfo Bool None
0x136 [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowOptions NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x137 [3.0.0+] NvDispWindowSyncPointId NvDispDcWindowInfo NumericU32 None
0x138 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPSorPower NvDispDpModeInfo Bool None
0x139 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPClkType NvDispDpModeInfo NumericU8 None
0x13A [3.0.0+] NvDispDPEnable NvDispDpModeInfo NumericU32 None
0x13B [3.0.0+] NvDispDPState NvDispDpModeInfo NumericU32 None
0x13C [3.0.0+] NvDispDPEdid NvDispDpModeInfo U8Array None
0x13D [3.0.0+] NvDispDPEdidSize NvDispDpModeInfo NumericU32 None
0x13E [3.0.0+] NvDispDPEdidExtSize NvDispDpModeInfo NumericU32 None
0x13F [3.0.0+] NvDispDPFakeMode NvDispDpModeInfo Bool None
0x140 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPModeNumber NvDispDpModeInfo NumericU32 None
0x141 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPPlugInOut NvDispDpModeInfo Bool None
0x142 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPAuxIntHandler NvDispDpModeInfo Bool None
0x143 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPForceMaxLinkBW NvDispDpModeInfo Bool None
0x144 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPIsConnected NvDispDpModeInfo Bool None
0x145 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkValid NvDispDpLinkSpec Bool None
0x146 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkMaxBW NvDispDpLinkSpec NumericU8 None
0x147 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkMaxLaneCount NvDispDpLinkSpec NumericU8 None
0x148 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkDownSpread NvDispDpLinkSpec Bool None
0x149 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkSupportEnhancedFraming NvDispDpLinkSpec Bool None
0x14A [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkBpp NvDispDpLinkSpec NumericU32 None
0x14B [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkScaramberCap NvDispDpLinkSpec Bool None
0x14C [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkBW NvDispDpLinkStatus NumericU8 None
0x14D [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkLaneCount NvDispDpLinkStatus NumericU8 None
0x14E [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkEnhancedFraming NvDispDpLinkStatus Bool None
0x14F [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkScrambleEnable NvDispDpLinkStatus Bool None
0x150 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkActivePolarity NvDispDpLinkStatus NumericU32 None
0x151 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkActiveCount NvDispDpLinkStatus NumericU32 None
0x152 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkTUSize NvDispDpLinkStatus NumericU32 None
0x153 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkActiveFrac NvDispDpLinkStatus NumericU32 None
0x154 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkWatermark NvDispDpLinkStatus NumericU32 None
0x155 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkHBlank NvDispDpLinkStatus NumericU32 None
0x156 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkVBlank NvDispDpLinkStatus NumericU32 None
0x157 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkOnlyEnhancedFraming NvDispDpLinkStatus Bool None
0x158 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkOnlyEdpCap NvDispDpLinkStatus Bool None
0x159 [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkSupportFastLT NvDispDpLinkStatus Bool None
0x15A [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkLTDataValid NvDispDpLinkStatus Bool None
0x15B [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkTsp3Support NvDispDpLinkStatus Bool None
0x15C [3.0.0+] NvDispDPLinkAuxInterval NvDispDpLinkStatus NumericU8 None
0x15D [3.0.0+] NvDispHdcpCreated NvDispDpHdcpInfo Bool None
0x15E [3.0.0+] NvDispHdcpUserRequest NvDispDpHdcpInfo Bool None
0x15F [3.0.0+] NvDispHdcpPlugged NvDispDpHdcpInfo Bool None
0x160 [3.0.0+] NvDispHdcpState NvDispDpHdcpInfo NumericU32 None
0x161 [3.0.0+] NvDispHdcpFailCount NvDispDpHdcpInfo NumericI32 None
0x162 [3.0.0+] NvDispHdcpHdcp22 NvDispDpHdcpInfo NumericI8 None
0x163 [3.0.0+] NvDispHdcpMaxRetry NvDispDpHdcpInfo NumericU8 None
0x164 [3.0.0+] NvDispHdcpHpd NvDispDpHdcpInfo NumericU8 None
0x165 [3.0.0+] NvDispHdcpRepeater NvDispDpHdcpInfo NumericU8 None
0x166 [3.0.0+] NvDispCecRxBuf NvDispDpAuxCecInfo U8Array None
0x167 [3.0.0+] NvDispCecRxLength NvDispDpAuxCecInfo NumericI32 None
0x168 [3.0.0+] NvDispCecTxBuf NvDispDpAuxCecInfo U8Array None
0x169 [3.0.0+] NvDispCecTxLength NvDispDpAuxCecInfo NumericI32 None
0x16A [3.0.0+] NvDispCecTxRet NvDispDpAuxCecInfo NumericI32 None
0x16B [3.0.0+] NvDispCecState NvDispDpAuxCecInfo NumericU32 None
0x16C [3.0.0+] NvDispCecTxInfo NvDispDpAuxCecInfo NumericU8 None
0x16D [3.0.0+] NvDispCecRxInfo NvDispDpAuxCecInfo NumericU8 None
0x16E [3.0.0+] NvDispDCIndex NvDispDcInfo NumericU32 None
0x16F [3.0.0+] NvDispDCInitialize NvDispDcInfo Bool None
0x170 [3.0.0+] NvDispDCClock NvDispDcInfo Bool None
0x171 [3.0.0+] NvDispDCFrequency NvDispDcInfo NumericU32 None
0x172 [3.0.0+] NvDispDCFailed NvDispDcInfo Bool None
0x173 [3.0.0+] NvDispDCModeWidth NvDispDcInfo NumericI32 None
0x174 [3.0.0+] NvDispDCModeHeight NvDispDcInfo NumericI32 None
0x175 [3.0.0+] NvDispDCModeBpp NvDispDcInfo NumericU32 None
0x176 [3.0.0+] NvDispDCPanelFrequency NvDispDcInfo NumericU32 None
0x177 [3.0.0+] NvDispDCWinDirty NvDispDcInfo NumericU32 None
0x178 [3.0.0+] NvDispDCWinEnable NvDispDcInfo NumericU32 None
0x179 [3.0.0+] NvDispDCVrr NvDispDcInfo Bool None
0x17A [3.0.0+] NvDispDCPanelInitialize NvDispDcInfo Bool None
0x17B [3.0.0+] NvDispDsiDataFormat NvDispDsiInfo NumericU32 None
0x17C [3.0.0+] NvDispDsiVideoMode NvDispDsiInfo NumericU32 None
0x17D [3.0.0+] NvDispDsiRefreshRate NvDispDsiInfo NumericU32 None
0x17E [3.0.0+] NvDispDsiLpCmdModeFrequency NvDispDsiInfo NumericU32 None
0x17F [3.0.0+] NvDispDsiHsCmdModeFrequency NvDispDsiInfo NumericU32 None
0x180 [3.0.0+] NvDispDsiPanelResetTimeout NvDispDsiInfo NumericU32 None
0x181 [3.0.0+] NvDispDsiPhyFrequency NvDispDsiInfo NumericU32 None
0x182 [3.0.0+] NvDispDsiFrequency NvDispDsiInfo NumericU32 None
0x183 [3.0.0+] NvDispDsiInstance NvDispDsiInfo NumericU32 None
0x184 [3.0.0+] NvDispDcDsiHostCtrlEnable NvDispDsiInfo Bool None
0x185 [3.0.0+] NvDispDcDsiInit NvDispDsiInfo Bool None
0x186 [3.0.0+] NvDispDcDsiEnable NvDispDsiInfo Bool None
0x187 [3.0.0+] NvDispDcDsiHsMode NvDispDsiInfo Bool None
0x188 [3.0.0+] NvDispDcDsiVendorId NvDispDsiInfo U8Array None
0x189 [3.0.0+] NvDispDcDsiLcdVendorNum NvDispDsiInfo NumericU8 None
0x18A [3.0.0+] NvDispDcDsiHsClockControl NvDispDsiInfo NumericU32 None
0x18B [3.0.0+] NvDispDcDsiEnableHsClockInLpMode NvDispDsiInfo Bool None
0x18C [3.0.0+] NvDispDcDsiTeFrameUpdate NvDispDsiInfo Bool None
0x18D [3.0.0+] NvDispDcDsiGangedType NvDispDsiInfo NumericU32 None
0x18E [3.0.0+] NvDispDcDsiHbpInPktSeq NvDispDsiInfo Bool None
0x18F [3.0.0+] NvDispErrID NvDispErrIDInfo NumericU32 None
0x190 [3.0.0+] NvDispErrData0 NvDispErrIDInfo NumericU32 None
0x191 [3.0.0+] NvDispErrData1 NvDispErrIDInfo NumericU32 None
0x192 [3.0.0+] SdCardMountStatus SdCardMountInfo String None
0x193 [3.0.0+] SdCardMountUnexpectedResult SdCardMountInfo String None
0x194 [3.0.0+] NANDTotalSize NANDFreeSpaceInfo NumericU64 None
0x195 [3.0.0+] SdCardTotalSize SDCardFreeSpaceInfo NumericU64 None
0x196 [3.0.0+] ElapsedTimeSinceInitialLaunch ErrorInfoAuto NumericI64 None
0x197 [3.0.0+] ElapsedTimeSincePowerOn ErrorInfoAuto NumericI64 None
0x198 [3.0.0+] ElapsedTimeSinceLastAwake ErrorInfoAuto NumericI64 None
0x199 [3.0.0+] OccurrenceTick ErrorInfoAuto NumericI64 None
0x19A [3.0.0+] RetailInteractiveDisplayFlag RetailInteractiveDisplayInfo Bool None
0x19B [3.0.0+] FatFsError FsProxyErrorInfo NumericI32 None
0x19C [3.0.0+] FatFsExtraError FsProxyErrorInfo NumericI32 None
0x19D [3.0.0+] FatFsErrorDrive FsProxyErrorInfo NumericI32 None
0x19E [3.0.0+] FatFsErrorName FsProxyErrorInfo String None
0x19F [3.0.0+] MonitorManufactureCode MonitorCapability String None
0x1A0 [3.0.0+] MonitorProductCode MonitorCapability NumericU16 None
0x1A1 [3.0.0+] MonitorSerialNumber MonitorCapability NumericU32 None
0x1A2 [3.0.0+] MonitorManufactureYear MonitorCapability NumericI32 None
0x1A3 [3.0.0+] PhysicalAddress MonitorCapability NumericU16 None
0x1A4 [3.0.0+] Is4k60Hz MonitorCapability Bool None
0x1A5 [3.0.0+] Is4k30Hz MonitorCapability Bool None
0x1A6 [3.0.0+] Is1080P60Hz MonitorCapability Bool None
0x1A7 [3.0.0+] Is720P60Hz MonitorCapability Bool None
0x1A8 [3.0.0+] PcmChannelMax MonitorCapability NumericI32 None
0x1A9 [3.0.0+] CrashReportHash ErrorInfo U8Array None
0x1AA [3.0.0+] ErrorReportSharePermission ErrorReportSharePermissionInfo NumericU8 None
0x1AB [3.0.0+] VideoCodecTypeEnum MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1AC [3.0.0+] VideoBitRate MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1AD [3.0.0+] VideoFrameRate MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1AE [3.0.0+] VideoWidth MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1AF [3.0.0+] VideoHeight MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1B0 [3.0.0+] AudioCodecTypeEnum MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1B1 [3.0.0+] AudioSampleRate MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1B2 [3.0.0+] AudioChannelCount MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1B3 [3.0.0+] AudioBitRate MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1B4 [3.0.0+] MultimediaContainerType MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1B5 [3.0.0+] MultimediaProfileType MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1B6 [3.0.0+] MultimediaLevelType MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1B7 [3.0.0+] MultimediaCacheSizeEnum MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1B8 [3.0.0+] MultimediaErrorStatusEnum MultimediaInfo NumericI32 None
0x1B9 [3.0.0+] MultimediaErrorLog MultimediaInfo U8Array None
0x1BA [3.0.0+] ServerFqdn ErrorInfo String None
0x1BB [3.0.0+] ServerIpAddress ErrorInfo String None
0x1BC [3.0.0+] TestStringEncrypt Test String Encrypt
0x1BD [3.0.0+] TestU8ArrayEncrypt Test U8Array Encrypt
0x1BE [3.0.0+] TestU32ArrayEncrypt Test U32Array Encrypt
0x1BF [3.0.0+] TestU64ArrayEncrypt Test U64Array Encrypt
0x1C0 [3.0.0+] TestI32ArrayEncrypt Test I32Array Encrypt
0x1C1 [3.0.0+] TestI64ArrayEncrypt Test I64Array Encrypt
0x1C2 [3.0.0+] CipherKey ErrorInfoAuto U8Array None
0x1C3 [3.0.0+] FileSystemPath ErrorInfo String Encrypt
0x1C4 [3.0.0+] WebMediaPlayerOpenUrl ErrorInfo String Encrypt
0x1C5 [3.0.0+] WebMediaPlayerLastSocketErrors ErrorInfo I32Array None
0x1C6 [3.0.0+] UnknownControllerCount ConnectedControllerInfo NumericU8 None
0x1C7 [3.0.0+] AttachedControllerCount ConnectedControllerInfo NumericU8 None
0x1C8 [3.0.0+] BluetoothControllerCount ConnectedControllerInfo NumericU8 None
0x1C9 [3.0.0+] UsbControllerCount ConnectedControllerInfo NumericU8 None
0x1CA [3.0.0+] ControllerTypeList ConnectedControllerInfo U8Array None
0x1CB [3.0.0+] ControllerInterfaceList ConnectedControllerInfo U8Array None
0x1CC [3.0.0+] ControllerStyleList ConnectedControllerInfo U8Array None
0x1CD [3.0.0+] FsPooledBufferPeakFreeSize FsMemoryInfo NumericU64 None
0x1CE [3.0.0+] FsPooledBufferRetriedCount FsMemoryInfo NumericU64 None
0x1CF [3.0.0+] FsPooledBufferReduceAllocationCount FsMemoryInfo NumericU64 None
0x1D0 [3.0.0+] FsBufferManagerPeakFreeSize FsMemoryInfo NumericU64 None
0x1D1 [3.0.0+] FsBufferManagerRetriedCount FsMemoryInfo NumericU64 None
0x1D2 [3.0.0+] FsExpHeapPeakFreeSize FsMemoryInfo NumericU64 None
0x1D3 [3.0.0+] FsBufferPoolPeakFreeSize FsMemoryInfo NumericU64 None
0x1D4 [3.0.0+] FsPatrolReadAllocateBufferSuccessCount FsMemoryInfo NumericU64 None
0x1D5 [3.0.0+] FsPatrolReadAllocateBufferFailureCount FsMemoryInfo NumericU64 None
0x1D6 [5.0.0+] SteadyClockInternalOffset ErrorInfoAuto NumericI64 None
0x1D7 [5.0.0+] SteadyClockCurrentTimePointValue ErrorInfoAuto NumericI64 None
0x1D8 [5.0.0+] UserClockContextOffset UserClockContextInfo NumericI64 None
0x1D9 [5.0.0+] UserClockContextTimeStampValue UserClockContextInfo NumericI64 None
0x1DA [5.0.0+] NetworkClockContextOffset NetworkClockContextInfo NumericI64 None
0x1DB [5.0.0+] NetworkClockContextTimeStampValue NetworkClockContextInfo NumericI64 None
0x1DC [5.0.0+] SystemAbortFlag ErrorInfo Bool None
0x1DD [5.0.0+] ApplicationAbortFlag ErrorInfo Bool None
0x1DE [5.0.0+] NifmErrorCode ConnectionStatusInfo String None
0x1DF [5.0.0+] LcsApplicationId ErrorInfo String None
0x1E0 [5.0.0+] LcsContentMetaKeyIdList ErrorInfo U64Array None
0x1E1 [5.0.0+] LcsContentMetaKeyVersionList ErrorInfo U32Array None
0x1E2 [5.0.0+] LcsContentMetaKeyTypeList ErrorInfo U8Array None
0x1E3 [5.0.0+] LcsContentMetaKeyInstallTypeList ErrorInfo U8Array None
0x1E4 [5.0.0+] LcsSenderFlag ErrorInfo Bool None
0x1E5 [5.0.0+] LcsApplicationRequestFlag ErrorInfo Bool None
0x1E6 [5.0.0+] LcsHasExFatDriverFlag ErrorInfo Bool None
0x1E7 [5.0.0+] LcsIpAddress ErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x1E8 [5.0.0+] AcpStartupUserAccount [12.0.0+] AcpUserAccountSettingsInfo ([5.0.0-11.0.1] AcpGeneralSettingsInfo) NumericU8 None
0x1E9 [5.0.0+] AcpAocRegistrationType AcpAocSettingsInfo NumericU8 None
0x1EA [5.0.0+] AcpAttributeFlag AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU32 None
0x1EB [5.0.0+] AcpSupportedLanguageFlag AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU32 None
0x1EC [5.0.0+] AcpParentalControlFlag AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU32 None
0x1ED [5.0.0+] AcpScreenShot AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU8 None
0x1EE [5.0.0+] AcpVideoCapture AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU8 None
0x1EF [5.0.0+] AcpDataLossConfirmation AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU8 None
0x1F0 [5.0.0+] AcpPlayLogPolicy AcpPlayLogSettingsInfo NumericU8 None
0x1F1 [5.0.0+] AcpPresenceGroupId AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU64 None
0x1F2 [5.0.0+] AcpRatingAge AcpRatingSettingsInfo I8Array None
0x1F3 [5.0.0+] AcpAocBaseId AcpAocSettingsInfo NumericU64 None
0x1F4 [5.0.0+] AcpSaveDataOwnerId AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericU64 None
0x1F5 [5.0.0+] AcpUserAccountSaveDataSize AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericI64 None
0x1F6 [5.0.0+] AcpUserAccountSaveDataJournalSize AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericI64 None
0x1F7 [5.0.0+] AcpDeviceSaveDataSize AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericI64 None
0x1F8 [5.0.0+] AcpDeviceSaveDataJournalSize AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericI64 None
0x1F9 [5.0.0+] AcpBcatDeliveryCacheStorageSize AcpBcatSettingsInfo NumericI64 None
0x1FA [5.0.0+] AcpApplicationErrorCodeCategory AcpGeneralSettingsInfo String None
0x1FB [5.0.0+] AcpLocalCommunicationId AcpGeneralSettingsInfo U64Array None
0x1FC [5.0.0+] AcpLogoType AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU8 None
0x1FD [5.0.0+] AcpLogoHandling AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU8 None
0x1FE [5.0.0+] AcpRuntimeAocInstall AcpAocSettingsInfo NumericU8 None
0x1FF [5.0.0+] AcpCrashReport AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU8 None
0x200 [5.0.0+] AcpHdcp AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU8 None
0x201 [5.0.0+] AcpSeedForPseudoDeviceId AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU64 None
0x202 [5.0.0+] AcpBcatPassphrase AcpBcatSettingsInfo String None
0x203 [5.0.0+] AcpUserAccountSaveDataSizeMax AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericI64 None
0x204 [5.0.0+] AcpUserAccountSaveDataJournalSizeMax AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericI64 None
0x205 [5.0.0+] AcpDeviceSaveDataSizeMax AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericI64 None
0x206 [5.0.0+] AcpDeviceSaveDataJournalSizeMax AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericI64 None
0x207 [5.0.0+] AcpTemporaryStorageSize AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericI64 None
0x208 [5.0.0+] AcpCacheStorageSize AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericI64 None
0x209 [5.0.0+] AcpCacheStorageJournalSize AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericI64 None
0x20A [5.0.0+] AcpCacheStorageDataAndJournalSizeMax AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericI64 None
0x20B [5.0.0+] AcpCacheStorageIndexMax AcpStorageSettingsInfo NumericI16 None
0x20C [5.0.0+] AcpPlayLogQueryableApplicationId AcpPlayLogSettingsInfo U64Array None
0x20D [5.0.0+] AcpPlayLogQueryCapability AcpPlayLogSettingsInfo NumericU8 None
0x20E [5.0.0+] AcpRepairFlag AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU8 None
0x20F [5.0.0+] RunningApplicationPatchStorageLocation RunningApplicationInfo String None
0x210 [5.0.0+] RunningApplicationVersionNumber RunningApplicationInfo NumericU32 None
0x211 [5.0.0+] FsRecoveredByInvalidateCacheCount FsProxyErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x212 [5.0.0+] FsSaveDataIndexCount FsProxyErrorInfo NumericU32 None
0x213 [5.0.0+] FsBufferManagerPeakTotalAllocatableSize FsMemoryInfo NumericU64 None
0x214 [5.0.0+] MonitorCurrentWidth MonitorSettings NumericU16 None
0x215 [5.0.0+] MonitorCurrentHeight MonitorSettings NumericU16 None
0x216 [5.0.0+] MonitorCurrentRefreshRate MonitorSettings String None
0x217 [5.0.0+] RebootlessSystemUpdateVersion RebootlessSystemUpdateVersionInfo String None
0x218 [5.0.0+] EncryptedExceptionInfo1 ErrorInfo U8Array None
0x219 [5.0.0+] EncryptedExceptionInfo2 ErrorInfo U8Array None
0x21A [5.0.0+] EncryptedExceptionInfo3 ErrorInfo U8Array None
0x21B [5.0.0+] EncryptedDyingMessage ErrorInfo U8Array None
0x21C [5.0.0+] DramId PowerClockInfo NumericU32 None
0x21D [6.0.0+] NifmConnectionTestRedirectUrl NifmConnectionTestInfo String None
0x21E [6.0.0+] AcpRequiredNetworkServiceLicenseOnLaunchFlag [12.0.0+] AcpUserAccountSettingsInfo ([6.0.0-11.0.1] AcpGeneralSettingsInfo) NumericU8 None
0x21F [6.0.0+] PciePort0Flags PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU32 None
0x220 [6.0.0+] PciePort0Speed PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU8 None
0x221 [6.0.0+] PciePort0ResetTimeInUs PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU32 None
0x222 [6.0.0+] PciePort0IrqCount PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU32 None
0x223 [6.0.0+] PciePort0Statistics PcieLoggedStateInfo U32Array None
0x224 [6.0.0+] PciePort1Flags PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU32 None
0x225 [6.0.0+] PciePort1Speed PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU8 None
0x226 [6.0.0+] PciePort1ResetTimeInUs PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU32 None
0x227 [6.0.0+] PciePort1IrqCount PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU32 None
0x228 [6.0.0+] PciePort1Statistics PcieLoggedStateInfo U32Array None
0x229 [6.0.0+] PcieFunction0VendorId PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU16 None
0x22A [6.0.0+] PcieFunction0DeviceId PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU16 None
0x22B [6.0.0+] PcieFunction0PmState PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU8 None
0x22C [6.0.0+] PcieFunction0IsAcquired PcieLoggedStateInfo Bool None
0x22D [6.0.0+] PcieFunction1VendorId PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU16 None
0x22E [6.0.0+] PcieFunction1DeviceId PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU16 None
0x22F [6.0.0+] PcieFunction1PmState PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU8 None
0x230 [6.0.0+] PcieFunction1IsAcquired PcieLoggedStateInfo Bool None
0x231 [6.0.0+] PcieGlobalRootComplexStatistics PcieLoggedStateInfo U32Array None
0x232 [6.0.0+] PciePllResistorCalibrationValue PcieLoggedStateInfo NumericU8 None
0x233 [6.0.0+] CertificateRequestedHostName NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo String None
0x234 [6.0.0+] CertificateCommonName NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo String None
0x235 [6.0.0+] CertificateSANCount NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo NumericU32 None
0x236 [6.0.0+] CertificateSANs NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo String None
0x237 [6.0.0+] FsBufferPoolMaxAllocateSize FsMemoryInfo NumericU64 None
0x238 [6.0.0+] CertificateIssuerName NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo String None
0x239 [6.0.0+] ApplicationAliveTime ErrorInfoAuto NumericI64 None
0x23A [6.0.0+] ApplicationInFocusTime ErrorInfoAuto NumericI64 None
0x23B [6.0.0+] ApplicationOutOfFocusTime ErrorInfoAuto NumericI64 None
0x23C [6.0.0+] ApplicationBackgroundFocusTime ErrorInfoAuto NumericI64 None
0x23D [6.0.0+] AcpUserAccountSwitchLock [12.0.0+] AcpUserAccountSettingsInfo ([6.0.0-11.0.1] AcpGeneralSettingsInfo) NumericU8 None
0x23E [6.0.0+] USB3HostAvailableFlag USB3AvailableInfo Bool None
0x23F [6.0.0+] USB3DeviceAvailableFlag USB3AvailableInfo Bool None
0x240 [7.0.0+] AcpNeighborDetectionClientConfigurationSendDataId AcpNeighborDetectionInfo NumericU64 None
0x241 [7.0.0+] AcpNeighborDetectionClientConfigurationReceivableDataIds AcpNeighborDetectionInfo U64Array None
0x242 [7.0.0+] AcpStartupUserAccountOptionFlag [12.0.0+] AcpUserAccountSettingsInfo ([7.0.0-11.0.1] AcpGeneralSettingsInfo) NumericU8 None
0x243 [7.0.0+] ServerErrorCode ErrorInfo String None
0x244 [7.0.0+] AppletManagerMetaLogTrace ErrorInfo U64Array None
0x245 [7.0.0+] ServerCertificateSerialNumber NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo String None
0x246 [7.0.0+] ServerCertificatePublicKeyAlgorithm NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo String None
0x247 [7.0.0+] ServerCertificateSignatureAlgorithm NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo String None
0x248 [7.0.0+] ServerCertificateNotBefore NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo NumericU64 None
0x249 [7.0.0+] ServerCertificateNotAfter NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo NumericU64 None
0x24A [7.0.0+] CertificateAlgorithmInfoBits NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo NumericU64 None
0x24B [7.0.0+] TlsConnectionPeerIpAddress NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo String None
0x24C [7.0.0+] TlsConnectionLastHandshakeState NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo NumericU32 None
0x24D [7.0.0+] TlsConnectionInfoBits NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo NumericU64 None
0x24E [7.0.0+] SslStateBits NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo NumericU64 None
0x24F [7.0.0+] SslProcessInfoBits NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo NumericU64 None
0x250 [7.0.0+] SslProcessHeapSize NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo NumericU32 None
0x251 [7.0.0+] SslBaseErrorCode NetworkSecurityCertificateInfo NumericI32 None
0x252 [7.0.0+] GpuCrashDumpSize GpuCrashInfo NumericU32 None
0x253 [7.0.0+] GpuCrashDump GpuCrashInfo U8Array None
0x254 [7.0.0+] RunningApplicationProgramIndex RunningApplicationInfo NumericU8 None
0x255 [8.0.0+] UsbTopology UsbStateInfo U8Array None
0x256 [8.0.0+] AkamaiReferenceId ErrorInfo String None
0x257 [9.0.0+] NvHostErrID NvHostErrInfo NumericU32 None
0x258 [9.0.0+] NvHostErrDataArrayU32 NvHostErrInfo U32Array None
0x259 [9.0.0+] HasSyslogFlag ErrorInfo Bool None
0x25A [9.0.0+] AcpRuntimeParameterDelivery AcpGeneralSettingsInfo NumericU8 None
0x25B [9.0.0+] PlatformRegion RegionSettingInfo String None
0x25C [9.0.0+] RunningUlaApplicationId RunningUlaInfo String None
0x25D [9.0.0+] RunningUlaAppletId RunningUlaInfo NumericU8 None
0x25E [9.0.0+] RunningUlaVersion RunningUlaInfo NumericU32 None
0x25F [9.0.0+] RunningUlaApplicationStorageLocation RunningUlaInfo String None
0x260 [9.0.0+] RunningUlaPatchStorageLocation RunningUlaInfo String None
0x261 [9.1.0+] NANDTotalSizeOfSystem NANDFreeSpaceInfo NumericU64 None
0x262 [9.1.0+] NANDFreeSpaceOfSystem NANDFreeSpaceInfo NumericU64 None
0x263 [11.0.0+] AccessPointSSIDAsHex AccessPointInfo String None
0x264 [11.0.0+] PanelVendorId InternalPanelInfo NumericU8 None
0x265 [11.0.0+] PanelRevisionId InternalPanelInfo NumericU8 None
0x266 [11.0.0+] PanelModelId InternalPanelInfo NumericU8 None
0x267 [11.0.0+] ErrorContext ErrorInfoAuto U8Array None
0x268 [11.0.0+] ErrorContextSize ErrorInfoAuto NumericU64 None
0x269 [11.0.0+] ErrorContextTotalSize ErrorInfoAuto NumericU64 None
0x26A [11.0.0+] SystemPhysicalMemoryLimit ResourceLimitLimitInfo NumericI64 None
0x26B [11.0.0+] SystemThreadCountLimit ResourceLimitLimitInfo NumericI64 None
0x26C [11.0.0+] SystemEventCountLimit ResourceLimitLimitInfo NumericI64 None
0x26D [11.0.0+] SystemTransferMemoryCountLimit ResourceLimitLimitInfo NumericI64 None
0x26E [11.0.0+] SystemSessionCountLimit ResourceLimitLimitInfo NumericI64 None
0x26F [11.0.0+] SystemPhysicalMemoryPeak ResourceLimitPeakInfo NumericI64 None
0x270 [11.0.0+] SystemThreadCountPeak ResourceLimitPeakInfo NumericI64 None
0x271 [11.0.0+] SystemEventCountPeak ResourceLimitPeakInfo NumericI64 None
0x272 [11.0.0+] SystemTransferMemoryCountPeak ResourceLimitPeakInfo NumericI64 None
0x273 [11.0.0+] SystemSessionCountPeak ResourceLimitPeakInfo NumericI64 None
0x274 [11.0.0+] GpuCrashHash GpuCrashInfo U8Array None
0x275 [11.0.0+] TouchScreenPanelGpioValue TouchScreenInfo NumericU8 None
0x276 [12.0.0+] BrowserCertificateHostName ErrorInfo String None
0x277 [12.0.0+] BrowserCertificateCommonName ErrorInfo String None
0x278 [12.0.0+] BrowserCertificateOrganizationalUnitName ErrorInfo String None
0x279 [12.0.0+] FsPooledBufferFailedIdealAllocationCountOnAsyncAccess FsMemoryInfo NumericU64 None
0x27A [12.0.0+] AudioOutputTarget AudioDeviceInfo NumericU8 None
0x27B [12.0.0+] AudioOutputChannelCount AudioDeviceInfo NumericU8 None
0x27C [12.0.0+] AppletTotalActiveTime ErrorInfoAuto NumericI64 None
0x27D [12.0.0+] WakeCount AbnormalWakeInfo NumericU32 None
0x27E [12.0.0+] PredominantWakeReason AbnormalWakeInfo NumericU32 None
0x27F [13.0.0+] EdidExtensionBlock2 EdidInfo U8Array None
0x280 [13.0.0+] EdidExtensionBlock3 EdidInfo U8Array None
0x281 [13.0.0+] LumenRequestId ErrorInfo String None
0x282 [13.0.0+] LlnwLlid ErrorInfo String None
0x283 [13.0.0+] SupportingLimitedLicenses RunningApplicationInfo NumericU32 None
0x284 [13.0.0+] RuntimeLimitedLicenseUpgrade RunningApplicationInfo NumericU8 None
0x285 [13.0.0+] ServiceProfileRevisionKey ServiceProfileInfo NumericU64 None
0x286 [13.0.0+] BluetoothAudioConnectionCount BluetoothConnectionInfo NumericU8 None
0x287 [13.0.0+] BluetoothHidPairingInfoCount BluetoothPairingInfo NumericU8 None
0x288 [13.0.0+] BluetoothAudioPairingInfoCount BluetoothPairingInfo NumericU8 None
0x289 [13.0.0+] BluetoothLePairingInfoCount BluetoothPairingInfo NumericU8 None