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The Dock is internally called "Cradle"(strings/symbols in system-titles).

The original dock was the HAC-CDH-MAIN-01.

There is an updated, costs down version of the dock out in the wild labeled as HAC-CDH-MAIN-10. The release date is unknown. The guess is it came along with the patched 4.1 units.


Function Component on HAC-CDH-MAIN-01 on HAC-CDH-MAIN-10 Notes
MyDP -> HDMI Converter MegaChips STDP2550 "Mystique" 2Mb flash contains firmware
Based on STMicroelectronics Mystique family of DP converters.
USB Hub VIA Labs VL210 USB 3.0 Hub Controller Genesys Logic GL3510 512Kb flash is configuration storage
USB Device Cortex-M0 based (STM32F0-ish)
SWD clearly labelled and enabled
Provides control of the Mystique
Dumps (fw-1.0.0):
Relevant manual
Flash Macronix MX25L512E 512Kb CMOS Unpopulated dump (fw-1.0.0)
Macronix MX25V2006E 2Mb CMOS Windbond 25X20CLL04 dump (fw-1.0.0)
USB-PD ROHM BM92T17 One at i2c addr 0x18, the other at 0x1a
bm92t1x datasheet
bm92t5x datasheet

All 1.0.0 dumps were collected from a HAC-CDH-MAIN-01.

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