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The only image data contained in this sysmodule is basically a saved display framebuffer, no image data for actively-used layers/framebuffers.


This is "nn::capsrv::sf::IScreenShotControlService". This is available with [2.0.0+].

Cmd Name Notes
3 [5.0.0+] ? Takes a total of 8-bytes of input, no output.
5 [5.0.0+] ? Takes a total of 0x10-bytes of input, no output.
210 [6.0.0+] ? Takes a total of 0x50-bytes of input, a type-0x15 input buffer, and a type-0x45 input buffer, returns a total of 0x20-bytes of output.
[2.0.0-4.1.0] 1001
[2.0.0-4.1.0] 1002
[3.0.0-4.1.0] 1003 Takes a total of 0x58-bytes of input, no output.
1004 [5.0.0+] ? Takes a total of 0x60-bytes of input, no output.
1009 [5.0.0+] ? Takes a total of 0x10-bytes of input, no output.
1010 [5.0.0+] ? Takes a total of 0x10-bytes of input, no output.
1101 [4.0.0+] ? Takes a total of 0x28-bytes of input and two type-0x46 output buffers.
1106 [4.0.0+] ? Takes a total of 0x30-bytes of input, two type-0x15 input buffers, a type-0x6 output buffer, and two type-0x46 output buffers, returns 0x18-bytes of output.
1107 [4.0.0+] ? Takes a total of 0x30-bytes of input, two type-0x15 input buffers, a type-0x6 output buffer, and a type-0x45 input buffer, returns 0x18-bytes of output.
1201 [3.0.0+] ? Takes a total of 0x10-bytes of input, returns a total of 0x18-bytes of output.
1202 [3.0.0+] ? No input/output.
1203 [3.0.0+] ? Takes a total of 8-bytes of input and a type-0x6 output buffer, returns a total of 8-bytes of output.


Takes a type-0x46 output buffer, an input u32, two input u64s width/height, an input s64 buffer_count, and an input s64 buffer_index.

width/height must match 1280/720. buffer_index must be < buffer_count. buffer_index and buffer_count must not be negative.

buffer_index and buffer_count correspond to buffers with size 0x384000(1280*720*4).

Value 0 is usable for the input u32.

This takes a screenshot, the output buffer contains the RGBA8 image.

Stubbed with [5.0.0+], where it now returns error 0x7FECE.


Calls the same internal func as cmd1, where the last param is an additional cmd input u64 instead of hard-coded value 0x5f5e100.

Stubbed with [5.0.0+], where it now returns error 0x7FECE.


This is "nn::capsrv::sf::IScreenShotService". This is available with [2.0.0+].

Cmd Name


This is "nn::capsrv::sf::IScreenShotApplicationService".

Cmd Name
201 SaveScreenShot
203 SaveScreenShotEx0
210 [6.0.0+] SaveScreenShotEx2


This is "nn::cec::ICecManager".

Cmd Name


This is "nn::mmnv::IRequest".

NVIDIA multimedia (NvMM) platform service.

Cmd Name
0 InitializeOld
1 FinalizeOld
2 SetAndWaitOld
3 GetOld
4 Initialize
5 Finalize
6 SetAndWait
7 Get


This is "nn::visrv::sf::IApplicationRootService".

Cmd Name
0 GetDisplayService


Returns an #IApplicationDisplayService. Takes an input u32, user-processes use 0 or 1, with 0 for regular-applications normally. 0 = user-service(vi:u), 1 = non-user-service? Returns an error when using value 1 with vi:u(same error listed below for IApplicationDisplayService for unavailable commands).


This is "nn::visrv::sf::ISystemRootService".

Cmd Name
1 GetDisplayService
3 GetDisplayServiceWithProxyNameExchange


Returns an #IApplicationDisplayService. Same input as vi:u.


Returns an #IApplicationDisplayService.


This is "nn::visrv::sf::IManagerRootService".

Cmd Name
2 GetDisplayService
3 GetDisplayServiceWithProxyNameExchange


Returns an #IApplicationDisplayService. Same input as vi:u.


Takes an input u64 and u32. Returns an #IApplicationDisplayService.


This is "nn::visrv::sf::IApplicationDisplayService".

Cmd Name
100 #GetRelayService
101 #GetSystemDisplayService
102 #GetManagerDisplayService
103 [2.0.0+] #GetIndirectDisplayTransactionService
1000 #ListDisplays
1010 #OpenDisplay
1011 #OpenDefaultDisplay
1020 #CloseDisplay
1101 #SetDisplayEnabled
1102 #GetDisplayResolution
2020 #OpenLayer
2021 #CloseLayer
2030 #CreateStrayLayer
2031 #DestroyStrayLayer
2101 #SetLayerScalingMode
2102 [5.0.0+] ConvertScalingMode
2450 #GetIndirectLayerImageMap
2451 #GetIndirectLayerImageCropMap
2460 #GetIndirectLayerImageRequiredMemoryInfo
5202 #GetDisplayVsyncEvent
5203 #GetDisplayVsyncEventForDebug

Available sessions for each service:

  • "vi:u": Only GetRelayService.
  • "vi:s": Everything except GetManagerDisplayService.
  • "vi:m": All.

When attempting to use a get-session cmd with a service it's not available with, error 0xA72 is returned.

These commands using PIDs have AppletResourceUserId as the last input u64, hence AppletResourceUserId must match the user-process PID(no special handling for value 0).


Returns an IHOSBinderDriver interface which abstracts "nn::visrv::service::RelayServiceImpl".


Returns an IHOSBinderDriver interface which abstracts "nn::visrv::service::IndirectDisplayTransactionServiceImpl".


Returns an #ISystemDisplayService.


Returns an #IManagerDisplayService.


Takes a type-0x6 output buffer containing the array of #DisplayInfo output entries. Returns an output u64: total number of output entries.

Normally(?) this only returns the "Default" display.


Takes a #DisplayName as input. Returns an output u64, the DisplayId.

To open the default display, input string "Default" can be used.


Returns an output u64.

Probably not (?) used by newer official user-processes, since those use OpenDisplay with the default string instead.


Takes an input u64, DisplayId.


Takes an input u32 boolean, and an u64 DisplayId.


Takes an input u64 DisplayId and returns two output u64s: width and height.


Takes a PID-descriptor, a type-0x6 buffer for the output #NativeWindow, a #DisplayName(which was previously used with #OpenDisplay), an u64 LayerId, and an u64 AppletResourceUserId. Returns an output u64 NativeWindow_Size.

Official user-processes use a LayerId stored in a global state field("...ExternalLayerId") if non-zero, otherwise:

This OpenLayer command returns error 0x272 when the AppletResourceUserId is invalid.


Takes an input u64: LayerId which was used with #OpenLayer.


Takes a type-0x6 buffer for the output #NativeWindow, an u32(LayerFlags bitmask), and an u64 DisplayId. Returns two output u64s: LayerId and NativeWindow_Size.


Takes an input u64: LayerId from #CreateStrayLayer.


Takes an input u64("ScalingMode") and u64 ("LayerId").


Takes a PID-descriptor, an type-0x46 buffer, and four u64s: width(s32), height(s32), <output from AM GetIndirectLayerConsumerHandle>, and AppletResourceUserId. Returns two output u64s.

Calls the same func as #GetIndirectLayerImageCropMap internally, with the input floats set to 0.0f, then 1.0f for the rest.


Takes a PID-descriptor, an type-0x46 buffer, four floats, four u64s(last u64 is AppletResourceUserId). Returns two output u64s. The floats are stored immediately after each other(32bits).


Takes two input u64s: width and height. Returns two output u64s. First u64 is the buffer size to use with the ImageMap cmds, second u64 is the buffer address alignment for those cmds.


Takes an input u64 DisplayId and returns a handle.


Takes an input u64 DisplayId and returns a handle.


This is "nn::visrv::sf::ISystemDisplayService".

Cmd Name
1200 GetZOrderCountMin
1202 GetZOrderCountMax
1203 GetDisplayLogicalResolution
1204 SetDisplayMagnification
2201 SetLayerPosition
2203 SetLayerSize
2204 GetLayerZ
2205 SetLayerZ
2207 SetLayerVisibility
2209 SetLayerAlpha
[1.0.0-6.2.0] 2312 CreateStrayLayer
2400 OpenIndirectLayer
2401 CloseIndirectLayer
2402 FlipIndirectLayer
3000 ListDisplayModes
3001 ListDisplayRgbRanges
3002 ListDisplayContentTypes
3200 GetDisplayMode
3201 SetDisplayMode
3202 GetDisplayUnderscan
3203 SetDisplayUnderscan
3204 GetDisplayContentType
3205 SetDisplayContentType
3206 GetDisplayRgbRange
3207 SetDisplayRgbRange
3208 GetDisplayCmuMode
3209 SetDisplayCmuMode
3210 GetDisplayContrastRatio
3211 SetDisplayContrastRatio
3214 GetDisplayGamma
3215 SetDisplayGamma
3216 GetDisplayCmuLuma
3217 SetDisplayCmuLuma
8225 [4.0.0+] GetSharedBufferMemoryHandleId
8250 [4.0.0+] OpenSharedLayer
8251 [4.0.0+] CloseSharedLayer
8252 [4.0.0+] ConnectSharedLayer
8253 [4.0.0+] DisconnectSharedLayer
8254 [4.0.0+] AcquireSharedFrameBuffer
8255 [4.0.0+] PresentSharedFrameBuffer
8256 [4.0.0+] GetSharedFrameBufferAcquirableEvent
8257 [4.0.0+] FillSharedFrameBufferColor
8258 [5.0.0+] CancelSharedFrameBuffer


This is "nn::visrv::sf::IManagerDisplayService".

Cmd Name
200 [4.0.0+] AllocateProcessHeapBlock
201 [4.0.0+] FreeProcessHeapBlock
1102 GetDisplayResolution
2010 CreateManagedLayer
2011 DestroyManagedLayer
2012 [7.0.0+] CreateStrayLayer
2050 CreateIndirectLayer
2051 DestroyIndirectLayer
2052 CreateIndirectProducerEndPoint
2053 DestroyIndirectProducerEndPoint
2054 CreateIndirectConsumerEndPoint
2055 DestroyIndirectConsumerEndPoint
2300 AcquireLayerTexturePresentingEvent
2301 ReleaseLayerTexturePresentingEvent
2302 GetDisplayHotplugEvent
2402 GetDisplayHotplugState
2501 [4.0.0+] GetCompositorErrorInfo
2601 [4.0.0+] GetDisplayErrorEvent
4201 SetDisplayAlpha
4203 SetDisplayLayerStack
4205 SetDisplayPowerState
4206 [4.0.0+] SetDefaultDisplay
6000 AddToLayerStack
6001 RemoveFromLayerStack
6002 SetLayerVisibility
6003 [5.0.0+] SetLayerConfig
6004 [5.0.0+] AttachLayerPresentationTracer
6005 [5.0.0+] DetachLayerPresentationTracer
6006 [5.0.0+] StartLayerPresentationRecording
6007 [5.0.0+] StopLayerPresentationRecording
6008 [5.0.0+] StartLayerPresentationFenceWait
6009 [5.0.0+] StopLayerPresentationFenceWait
6010 [5.0.0+] GetLayerPresentationAllFencesExpiredEvent
7000 SetContentVisibility
8000 SetConductorLayer
8100 SetIndirectProducerFlipOffset
8200 [4.0.0+] CreateSharedBufferStaticStorage
8201 [4.0.0+] CreateSharedBufferTransferMemory
8202 [4.0.0+] DestroySharedBuffer
8203 [4.0.0+] BindSharedLowLevelLayerToManagedLayer
8204 [4.0.0+] BindSharedLowLevelLayerToIndirectLayer
8207 [4.0.0+] UnbindSharedLowLevelLayer
8208 [4.0.0+] ConnectSharedLowLevelLayerToSharedBuffer
8209 [4.0.0+] DisconnectSharedLowLevelLayerFromSharedBuffer
8210 [4.0.0+] CreateSharedLayer
8211 [4.0.0+] DestroySharedLayer
8216 [4.0.0+] AttachSharedLayerToLowLevelLayer
8217 [4.0.0+] ForceDetachSharedLayerFromLowLevelLayer
8218 [4.0.0+] StartDetachSharedLayerFromLowLevelLayer
8219 [4.0.0+] FinishDetachSharedLayerFromLowLevelLayer
8220 [4.0.0+] GetSharedLayerDetachReadyEvent
8221 [4.0.0+] GetSharedLowLevelLayerSynchronizedEvent
8222 [4.0.0+] CheckSharedLowLevelLayerSynchronized
8223 [4.0.0+] RegisterSharedBufferImporterAruid
8224 [4.0.0+] UnregisterSharedBufferImporterAruid
8227 [4.0.0+] CreateSharedBufferProcessHeap
8228 [4.0.0+] GetSharedLayerLayerStacks
8229 [4.0.0+] SetSharedLayerLayerStacks
8291 [4.0.0+] PresentDetachedSharedFrameBufferToLowLevelLayer
8292 [4.0.0+] FillDetachedSharedFrameBufferColor
8293 [4.0.0+] GetDetachedSharedFrameBufferImage
8294 [4.0.0+] SetDetachedSharedFrameBufferImage
8295 [4.0.0+] CopyDetachedSharedFrameBufferImage
8296 [4.0.0+] SetDetachedSharedFrameBufferSubImage
8297 [4.0.0+] GetSharedFrameBufferContentParameter
8298 [5.0.0+] ExpandStartupLogoOnSharedFrameBuffer


Offset Size Description
0x0 0x40 #DisplayName
0x40 0x1 Whether or not the display has a constrained number of layers.
0x41 0x7 Padding/Reserved
0x48 0x8 If this display has a constrained number of layers (0x40 is set), indicates the maximum number of layers.
0x50 0x8 Width in pixels
0x58 0x8 Height in pixels

This is a 0x60-byte structure.

The width/height for the "Default" Display is the resolution for 1080p even when in handheld-mode.


This is a 0x40-byte block: a NUL-terminated string.

Can be "Default", "External", "Edid", "Internal" or "Null".


Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 ParcelDataSize
0x4 0x4 ParcelDataOffset
0x8 0x4 ParcelObjectsSize
0xC 0x4 ParcelObjectsOffset
0x10 ? FlattenedBinder


Max size of this buffer is 0x100-bytes(outbuf size used by official user-processes). Parsed("...DeserializeNativeWindow()") by a function called by the code described under #OpenLayer, which executes code with Android symbols.

This is a #Parcel.


This normally contains the following:

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 0x2
0x4 0x4 Probably the user-process PID?
0x8 0x4 ID
0xC 0xC All-zero normally?
0x18 0x8 NUL-terminated "dispdrv" string.
0x20 0x8 All-zero normally?

The above ID is used for the ID param for the binder commands with IHOSBinderDriver.


This normally contains an u32 with value 0?

Resolution handling

There doesn't seem to be a way to get the actual TV resolution while using the "Default" Display. Official apps just hard-code what resolution to use depending on the current OperationMode.