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Installed into the first 0x4000 sector of the eMMC storage's BCPKG2 partitions, "BootConfig" contains data used to configure TrustZone/OS behaviors.

BootConfig is normally all-zero for retail units, however TrustZone additionally sets the loaded configuration to all-zero when running on a retail unit anyway.


Despite having 0x4000 for storage, the actual loaded BootConfig is only 0x640 bytes, with the following format:

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x200 Unsigned Configuration
0x200 0x100 RSA-PSS Signature
0x300 0x100 Signed Configuration
0x400 0x240 Reserved

Signed Config

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x8
0x8 0x1 Package2 Configuration. Bit 0 set means Package2 is stored unencrypted. Bit 1 set means Package2 is unsigned.
0x9 0x7
0x10 0x10 Hardware Info. Must match the Hardware Info read from fuses, or else the loaded Signed Config will be memset to 0 even if signed. This allows Nintendo to set signed configuration on a per-unit basis.
0x20 0x1 DisableProgramVerification. Controls the default value for how to check NCA signatures.
0x21 0xDF

Unsigned Config