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This page documents the DNS domains used by Switch, and what they're used for. Only HTTPS is used with these domains unless noted otherwise.

  • "": Used for checking whether a sysupdate is available, equivalent to NetUpdateSOAP from past systems.
  • "": CDN for system-titles.
  • "": VersionList for eShop titles going by 3DS.
  • "": Seems to break Nintendo-account related comms when blocked. This dauth domain seems to be the cause of the sysupdate-required 2124-3000 error?
  • "": Same result as dauth when blocked.
  • "": Same result as dauth when blocked.
  • "": Used to handle account metadata. (friends, profile, etc)
  • "": Appears to be used by Nintendo apps to get metadata for Switch user profiles.
  • "": Used by the Switch Online app to get app data, like the list of game-specific services to display.

Note: "break Nintendo-acount..." is for "posting to social-media" in user-profile, results may vary with eShop(for non-dauth).